Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


You’ll Know It’s Yours!

Did you know that many advertising services only share the ownership of your materials with you? Even some pretty substantial companies retain some ownership rights-- even to material that you make. That's not true here. YOU own it. To us, this is some very simple ethics.

YOU Own the Results
The result of our work is your property, it is created solely for you. We retain no rights. You own the pages, everything on the pages and it is your hosting, not ours. Many small business marketing service want you to keep paying month after month-- and that's after they didn't help you make the content! How about instead you just pay for the work that gets done this month-- not pay for old work.

Everything that we make is yours. All of the writing and design work that you choose to use is owned wholly by you. Our prices are very low for a quality hand made product and that's a good value. A better value is that we always make sure that you have in your possession the right source materials to publish your advertising again in a different media.

Our Integrity Means Your Control
One of the many ways that we demonstrate our integrity is by always, in every regard, giving you control over our work for you. Part of our simple plan is to always have you in possession of all the names and passwords that we use while working for you. For example, the Google account we create for tracking is your account-- configured by us, but used by you. There is no part of our strategy that keeps your business tied to NeighborWave through any administrative, technical or contractual means. Zero recurring billings.

When you're ready to get some control over the expense
and complication of your small business advertising, contact us.