Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


You’ll Know It Works!

Of course it works..
Included in our standard package is something that you might not expect: You get to monitor real world results immediately. From the beginning of your project, we correctly configure and show you how to use your own Google accounts and the Google tools to track the effectiveness of your internet advertising. We like our plans to begin with Internet Advertising because you can see your results quickly and easily and because it's so durable. But even more important to us is that we work towards this goal: YOU are in control of your advertising.

You Create (if and when you like)
All of the web sites we make include an edit button for you, it's as easy as email to keep your own pages fresh and useful. We make sure that you have all of the administration information in your hands as soon as it's created. FTP addresses, accounts, logins, passwords. NeighborWave staff think it's fair that your project begins with control- your control- we give you the tools to change your mind and even fire us on the first day. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with our services so we don't hide any information from you.

You stay in control
You'll see how your website is working now-- and you'll see the difference that Simple Advertising Management makes for your small business. NeighborWave has exactly ZERO strategy for tying your business to ours. We do our work and then put you directly in control. You pay for the work once and then see it working. It's one of our simple strategies to reduce your future advertising costs. No recurring billings, no expensive add ons. Just good results. Now. We're happy if you call us again, but you don't have to keep paying us.

Efficient Follow Up Advertising
The materials from a well-designed Internet Advertising Campaign are useful again as the information that you'll need for Print and Other Advertising. As you tune your messages using your web pages, your small business advertising team is gaining experience with you, your messages and your customers. That's great expertise and can feed your business for years to come.

And we never retain rights to the results of work that you've paid for!