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Yellow Pages

In 2007, Google replaced Yellow Pages directories as the #1 consumer choice for finding LOCAL goods and services. But Yellow Pages still work for many businesses. Why? Because some categories of businesses have found it difficult to get the web working for them. Not just you, but everyone!

#1 Problem? Getting Found!

Using Google as a service directory is different. With the book, there was room for someone to wander around the pages and eye-catching graphics were very useful to attract. That game is done. Google shows words. In most cases, only words. And the results are ranked. The first 4 positions are great, the next 6 are mediocre and the other 8 million don't count. If you don't compete for the top positions, well... why do you want to be on the internet? You need search marketing help.

You have choices, but those choices mean squat if you don't act. You can:

  1. Ignore the new market conditions and hope that the old stuff will work well enough to keep you going.
  2. Pay for the online version of the Yellow Pages directories. You're still sitting there listed alphabetically, but at least you're out there.
  3. Publish your own material on your own site using techniques that show you as a results ABOVE those directories.

NeighborWave will create or re-create your website using techniques to get you to the top of the search results. What's better is that we'll also develop your advertising materials so that you are ready to publish other kinds of advertising. What's better than that? You get those exceptional results for 20% of the cost of Yellow Pages advertising.