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WordPress Design

There is one design element that we encounter over and over and over... It's probably an issue with fully half of the sites that we build for small business--and our WordPress Consulting is most of NeighborWave's business.

Top Navigation versus Side Navigation. We totally "get it" that Top Nav looks better to our eye. The issue that we encounter repeatedly is that left to right links are a fixed space in your screen real estate. Computer screens do not readily scroll from left to right while remaining readable. What we recommend is a combination of the two. Fixed "Page" documents across the top and "Post" along the Side Nav.

Side Nav Helps You! For a basic Small Business Advertising Website using WordPress, a typical business really uses just a few pages. "Home" provides and invitation to explore, "About" supplies some information to make people feel safe and comfortable and "Contact" asks the reader to contact the business and buy something. What the Side Nav gives you is a really good space to create a wide variety of topics that can be attractive both to readers and to the search engines.

Even WordPress has gone Side Nav! The advertising folks here at Neighborwave were pretty excited to see the new internal design of WordPress has gone Side Nav! Yeah, now we can scroll down instead of clickcing through many, many tiered topnav menu steps. As always, Nicely done guys!

New WordPress 2.7 Menu System