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WordPress Consulting SEO

WordPress is such an amazing tool for publishing that it helped make this business possible. What we wanted to do was create websites using good organic SEO for a low price so that small business could afford it and use it. We absolutely needed WordPress to happen. SEO requires that you keep pages fresh and that means publishers need to be able to change their own content. And yes, we are definitely saying that small businesses are publishers!

WordPress was built to work with words and that is exactly what the search engines need to determine results. If you want top ranking on the search engines, you need to work with words. We've accumulated a ton of WordPress SEO tips and tricks and we bring them all to every job. NeighborWave's WordPress consulting was built for small business, but the same techniques can work for anyone using the WordPress platform.

Don't have enough words? NeighborWave implements SEO as part of all of our copywriting services. You can't buy writing from us without SEO. Why would you ever pay for writing help and not put it on your website? Once it's there, why would you not want it to work well with the search engines?