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Why Advertise?

Why Should Small Business Advertise?

Because you are better at what you do than you might even realize and the marketplace will reward you if you are willing to start communicating well. Many small business people fall into a kind of trapped thinking that tells them growth will come if they act like and look like big companies. Nope. The truth is that YOU are actually much better at this than you think, but you have probably never had comprehensive advertising help. Corporate CEOs would cry blood to see one tenth the feeling of your company's customers and employees. NeighborWave can help you speak directly to your customer in a way that the big companies never will.

The only behavior of big companies that you should copy is this one: Advertise. It's how they beat you. But you have some tremendous advantages and you can beat-em-back!! You can do it cheaply and with remarkable effectiveness by telling your story well in the right places to the right people. It's authentic, it's simple, it's true, and it works to raise your business up out of the advertising clutter and into the marketplace of meeting needs. That's where the money is--always, every day, it's never anywhere else: the money is always about meeting needs.

It is so important for you to advertise that there are famous authors who cite NOT advertising as a "dumb mistake"

"People also make dumb mistakes because they don’t think of the big picture or don’t take all the data into account. During hard times, a company can cut down on marketing, even though it needs marketing more than ever—but the loss associated with the expenditures takes over rational planning." Read the rest here.