Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


What we do for your company is provide comprehensive and affordable advertising help. NeighborWave has developed a truly innovative and inexpensive way to get your advertising working. After you hire us, you'll be surprised to see how thoroughly we seem prepared to help your specific business. NeighborWave reserves the use of our advertising ideas for paying clients so that they get full value. We don't teach your competition how to beat you.

Who do we work for? Lots of people. But you never see our name on their advertising and you never will. Why? As soon as an advertising agency or web designer adds their name to your stuff, then consumers start to hear your messages as advertising. If you don't let them do that, then consumers see your advertisingĀ  messages as information. Our advertising work is so good that often consumers fail to notice that it IS advertising. To consumers, they just see your ads as helpful. Advertising Messages that are seen as real help? That is clearly different and definitely in your interest.

Our Advertising Innovations work well for a lot of different businesses.

NeighborWave can help your company advertise effectively in today's market for as little as $100.

NeighborWave has completed projects for a surprising array of businesses:

  • Freelancer Advertising and 1 person businesses
  • Local Service Business Advertising
  • Local Retailers and Retail Advertising
  • Green Business Marketing? Sure! But no greenwashing!
  • Family Owned Business- Our Favorite!
  • Accountants and Tax Service Advertising
  • Dentists and Dental Advertising
  • Therapists and Therapy Advertising
  • Builders and Contractor Advertising
  • Attorney Advertising and Legal Advertising
  • Mechanics, Auto Repair, Auto Body
  • Massage Therapists and Massage Advertising
  • Real Estate Brokerage Advertising

Don't see your type of business here? Let's talk anyway. We can help you.