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When to Buy Design Work

The simplest rule for you regarding this business decision is "make me buy it."

Advertising must perform. It must measurably help your business. If you begin your advertising efforts with design work, then you may not have the resources to finish the job. You might delay the performance part, the part where you see a return on your investment.

What MUST be in your advertising? Only 2 things: 1. A Message. 2. A Placement.

We create advertising that performs very well. Some clients do need good design and we supply expert help, but most of our clients don't invest even one thin dime in design work. Is it so hard to believe that if you focus on performance that you get performance? Our client's advertising performs beautifully--they get their money back.

How will your advertising partner from NeighborWave work with design for you? Very Simply. Very Effectively. And with unusual flexibility.

How flexible? If you would like to see how easy it can be to use design, send us an email. We'll change the design of this site JUST FOR YOU with 2 clicks of a mouse. 2 clicks.

Do our advertising design services stop there? No. A recent client hired us to build their website. We had an idea for a logo for their company, so we drew them a simple sketch and sent it along. They loved it and it only took us 10 minutes. Since it wasn't a big investment for us, we included the logo for free. The real surprise? That company replaced an expensive custom designed logo with our free one.

Bigger Surprise. What does the client that got the free logo do? What business are they in? They make advertising over 8000 miles away from our home office. Even Advertising Companies hire us to fix their advertising--including design.

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