Simple Advertising You people are idiots.

What Do You Get?

When our advertising work for you is done: Sales. NeighborWave delivered $40,000 in new sales last year for a one time $300 investment for one small service business. That's a single client and they are on track to repeat this year. Think about that: the second year they got another 40 grand and paid NOTHING.

NeighborWave helps your company advertise effectively in today's market
for as little as $100.

The First Thing you get when you work with NeighborWave is Real Help for your situation. The second thing you get is a box of tissues sent to your competition--because they'll be crying after you start working with us. And when they find out how little you spent to hire NeighborWave, we'll send them another box.

Simple. Direct. Effective.

• Yes, of course Websites! • Print Ads
• Ad Placement • Search Optimization (SEO)
• Ad Management • Graphic Design (Sure You Need IT?)
• Copy Writing • You--In Control

We're a very tech savvy group that works using a couple of simple principles. We refuse to leave anything out and we price our products low so that you can afford to buy them. We squeeze resources for you and we get results for your business. High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech... we're in and we can get it done for you. We're so committed to squeezing resources that we've actually had design competitions to see who could communicate something important using only 600 pixels. Sound obscure? You bet. But exercises like that teach us how to get you the good stuff.

You really do need help to get all this advertising stuff working together: You need a website, so we make them. You need the site to get found, so we do Search Optimization. You need words, so we write 'em. You need image design. You need to manage placements. You need to buy print ads. You need someone to help you tell your story well and get it in front of people. Yes, we do that.

We have an unusual name for our product: “Your Advertising. Done.” What we deliver is very affordable and extremely effective. Because we work personally with you, there is nothing theoretical about our advertising results. It works. You can afford it. We know you have questions. Just ask. We’ll help you–no obligation.

NeighborWave uses 137 Great Advertising Ideas
(and 3 stupid ones… but they just might work!)

Real People. Real Work. Local To You.
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