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Website Referral Cash

Cash Referral Bonus: $83.67

This is very definitely a real offer, but the REAL reason that we have it here is to show clients: Feeding your word of mouth advertising works better when people have an incentive. “Relational Marketing?” Those are just buzzwords, but relationships and rewards are real. NeighborWave can help your business find ways to reward referrals, too. We’ve got 137 great advertising ideas that we’ve made pretty easy to use.

Every business needs customers and acquiring new customers has a cost. NeighborWave works with a whole bunch of advertising techniques that grow a business by making that ‘acquisition’ easier and much more about people. Besides, it’s cool to get stuff, so bring on the casheesh!

For your Cash: Your referral must contact us first and then become a paying customer. This is actually a great deal for web designers that don’t want to fuss with copywriting and SEO. NeighborWave is very good at supplementing a web designer's work with SEO, improved copy and extended placements. You make good design and we’ll transform it into great advertising for your clients. Simply send us an email or just call and talk to us about your client who needs advertising help. When we get paid, you get paid.

No, we are not willing to spend any time automating an affiliate program. We want to know you, not just them. For design folk: we need to send work to you - often - because we do not focus on design. Seriously, look at this site–is this a design company? This is old school people to people. Again, we will absolutely NOT contact them–they must contact us. We just need to hear from you that you think you have some clients needing help. If you don’t know how to approach your clients about improving their advertising, we can help with that, too.


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referral bonus


We arrived at that figure with some very careful calculations involving radians, the lunar orbit and our dog Dex’s tail chasing rotations. OK. Actually 100 seemed too high and 75 seemed too low. And we know it’s not half way between–had to figure in the tail somewhere so Dex gets a small share, too.