Simple Advertising You people are idiots.

We Hire

Finally! The couple of us that got this NeighborWave thing started have become very good at what we do and it’s time to expand our advertising success. The simple goal of this business is to help small and local business take back market share. It's a kind of local source greening meets main street. We intend to do that by operating as a virtual corporation that can truly be local. Your job will be to earn a great living by simply walking in the front door.

NeighborWave has cooked up a recipe for changing the business landscape where you live with a winning product that sometimes makes our competition look almost silly. It is time for the good guys (local business) to win and we want to be on their side. They get a great price for an amazingly better advertising product while you get to earn a truly great income. Web Designer? go here.

Who works here? “Partner” is our only job title.

  • You can clearly explain in writing why you think Small Business is better than Big Business. This is required–either believe or stay home.
  • Write well, ye must.
  • You must not be too heavily invested in the idea of “design” as an end product. Communication is the end product and you need to explain how and what you can do to communicate well.
  • Some work history doing sales work and/or supervision of employees is good. You’ll work in a sales culture for business managers.
  • If you ever waited tables–we want to know! We think that the perfect customer experience might be defined as this: “May I have water?” “Yes.”
  • Tell us a story about you making something happen. Making the flying faerie costumes for the 3rd grade play? Cool. Building Grandpa’s garage using only twigs, twine and popsicle sticks? Excellent. That time that you got that guy the water… that’s best.
  • You’re going to have to get used to being praised by your clients. The work that you do in this job can be life changing for real people.

What about the money?

Our target is for you to make about $100,000 per year and we have a clear path to get you there. This means helping only two clients per week. Currently, there is no salary but you’ll get lots of support: we are expert local marketers. You will be selling, not that bad kind of trying to sell but actually making sales. Yes, we’ll help. Lots. Currently, all the business is commission based work and sales. A typical ‘everything’ package for our clients costs $1000. A Partner (producer/writer/designer) can complete at least two per week and your work delivers results that absolutely kill our competitors’ offerings.

You will be competing with Advertising Agencies and Web Development firms- and you will beat them. You'll beat 'em bad.

NeighborWave just plain gets better results, allowing you to earn a great living while delivering a much better product to small business. While we teach you how to do the work (and while you teach us your nifty new ideas!) we split the money 50-50. There is a ton of training for you. When you feel confident, you get to decide when the rate changes to 90/10. That’s 90% to you, or $1800 per week ($7200 per month). You WILL get good at this and you’ll get good FAST. For our share, we supply customers and support for the things that you don’t want like doing. Just like we do for our customers, we get the crap work out of your way so you can focus on earning, helping clients, changing the business landscape.

What are we doing here?

NeighborWave is filling a gap in advertising services. Small Business has a terrible track record using advertising because the industry has served them poorly. We have a product line that is priced right and works well for them. Currently we would like to expand into 10 to 20 new markets with a real local presence: that’s you! Our product is an excellent compromise between cost and quality and the opportunity is very, very large. The daydreaming part of our business plan would have us working in about 400 markets with approximately 1600 people. The need: people start 600,000 new businesses every year. That’s just the new ones–there are tens of millions of small businesses that need help.

Our competitors? We beat them simply by loving our clients and working a little smarter.
  • Advertising Agencies are usually more interested in larger jobs with bigger budgets. They are really built to do a different, more substantial kind of work which makes the price too high for small business. They also have a bias towards delivering a type of work that isn’t always appropriate for smaller business.
  • Design people seldom create effective advertising, but their work is extremely valuable in the right circumstances. Our clients get success and that success pays for adding great design a little later in their plan.
  • Online advertising services and the Yellow Page guys simply do not deliver customers to most clients. The results of a purchase with them, well, the results stink. They still base their prices on the cost of old publishing. Obviously, the internet has changed the game, but they don’t seem to be responding. YP is a net loser for small business.

Tell me a story if you think you want this job. You can do this, too.