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Here under the "World Knocking" category are a few of articles that I wrote way back in 2007 asking Small Business people to start thinking a little differently about *GASP* their politics. Why on earth would I do that? Because I am trying out an explosively direct bleeding-edge advertising technique: the truth. There is a human at the other end of these words and if I tell you about me then it can help you to decide if you're willing to do business with someone like me.

As a demonstration of advertising techniques, this is "Informational Advertising" that segues into "Relational Marketing." You might think I'm nuts or just plain wrong, but it's much more likely that you already understand that I am a person who is willing to talk with you as a person. If your advertising doesn't do genuine human stuff like that, get in touch: NeighborWave will fix your advertising.

Since I help people fit advertising into a their business plans, these topics really do come up in my work conversations. To my surprise, when I speak the truth to people, many agree that WE ALL are facing some serious problems and those problems are affecting business by eroding sales and lowering profits. Many of the advantages that we have all supported over the years have turned into big disadvantages--not for our government--not for other people--but FOR US. Big disadvantages for the owners of Small Business. I want you to consider the idea that many so called "progressive" ideas are not progressive at all: they are actually investing ideas.

What kind of return on investment do you want? Have you struggled in your business with health care costs, employee turnover, profitability under intense competition? It's not just you--it's everyone. There has been a steady erosion of the underpinnings of our economy and the erosion happened largely as a result of public policy. Publik Pawlicy (like education). You know, that politics stuff. My question for you as I attempt to inform: Does saving money on your tax bill help your business when it is starved for customers? Or... put another way: Where are your customers going to come from when everyone except you is poor, stupid and sick?

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