Simple Advertising You people are idiots.

Taking Action

So. Here you are reading about advertising. Thank you so much. Thank you sincerely. Thank you for spending the most precious commodity that you have in this life: your time.

If you must spend more time pondering your advertising needs, try a book by Seth Godin. He's very clever and actually helps people find answers to tough business questions like: what are we doing here?  Here's an article that offers some clear advice on how to get results from all this reading.

"So, how to read a business book:

1. Decide, before you start, that you're going to change three things about what you do all day at work. Then, as you're reading, find the three things and do it. The goal of the reading, then, isn't to persuade you to change, it's to help you choose what to change.

2. If you're going to invest a valuable asset (like time), go ahead and make it productive. Use a postit or two, or some index cards or a highlighter. Not to write down stuff so you can forget it later, but to create marching orders. It's simple: if three weeks go by and you haven't taken action on what you've written down, you wasted your time." [Read the rest at Seth's blog site]

NeighborWave helps small and local businesses take action in their real marketplace by using good advertising. At this point on the page it's become clear that you want to learn about advertising your business, so I'll introduce to you a standard feature of NeighborWave's advertising work: We supply free training for two people with all of our advertising help.