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Small Business Reduce Advertising Costs

NeighborWave has a number of pages about reducing your advertising costs. In fact, it's exactly what we do. Our mission is to reduce the cost of advertising for small business while using better techniques to increase the effectiveness. We carefully target your messages and create your content so that it can be used again and again. Internet, Print-- wherever you like you'll use the same effective content. We use simple and free tools wherever possible and we keep you in control. We are here to help small business compete, not send you a bill every month for work we did last year. You pay us once- we finish the work and you own it. Simple.

Here are the some of the ways that we work to reduce cost:

Choosing The Right Advertising Placement

Choosing The Right Advertising Production

Teaching you how to Manage your Advertising

Trends in standard advertising show that businesses are spending more money each year to get a reduced result. Big Business in particular is spending new money trying to enter the local internet search market. Why? Because it's valuable. We have a client who is pulling down over $40,000 in new business from local internet searches. She's just an ordinary service business, a one man band, seeing a big increase and spending very little.

Advertising is changing-- how you make it, where you put it, who pays attention. We can help you to keep your businesses advertising efforts out of the huge mountain of unwanted, unread, disregarded and ignored advertising.

First things first-- get found by Google.

Call us-- we'll help you make some money.