Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Price List

Expensive? Naaah! You wouldn't buy it if it was expensive. About half of our clients spend less than $500, and even our smallest clients tell us all the time that we deliver much more than they expected. We like to think that we've figured out how to work smarter. So much smarter that we can say this:

One of our $300 clients is a one person business...
making $40,000 per year
...only from Google results.

Here is our Price List. It's the best advertising value anywhere. This is not a complete list, but it does list some of the things that people frequently inquire about.

  1. FREE Evaluation. Good stuff--in writing.
  2. Writing. $400. Advertising Copy so customers understand you and Google finds you.
  3. SEO is always FREE with writing. It's Free and it's very, very good: does #1 rankings for 17 out of 18 phrases sound like SEO success?
  4. Website. $400. Creating (or re-creating) your Website with an Edit Button For You. And this is not some stripped down, doesn't look right site-- it's good design!
  5. The Facts Package! $200. Reporting, Tracking... just what the heck is going on with your money?!? Advertising Management that shows you how your investment works.
  6. E-commerce. $100 to $250. We make fully featured add-ons like shopping carts and display galleries to sell and show your products.
  7. Design A Print Ad. $100-$250.
  8. Yellow Pages. We used to have a price here, but now it makes more sense to just say this: Kiss 'em goodbye. Yellow Pages is done--Google beat them in 2007.
  9. Sales Brochures from scratch for $250-- but Website/Writing customers only pay $100.
  10. Anything Else? YES! EVERYTHING ELSE! We do piece work based on your needs and project work for similar low rates. And we will NEVER sell you something that you don't need.
  11. No Monthly Fees. No Recurring Fees. No Phone Calls from our prospects. None. Ever!

Here's some information about what you get with a few of the basic services, but the best thing to do is just ASK YOUR QUESTION.

Advertising Copy. If you don't have words, Google can't find you. It's just that simple. We think that copywriting work MUST include SEO because, frankly, why would you NOT put your writing on the web? We work by talking with you-- and we listen. Once we know your story, we write 4-5 pages of text including headline texts. It's enough material to fill an average website, And brochures, AND print ads. We don't stop at headlines-- you get full pages. Those full pages of topical text are required for Google to find your business. And it works to tell customers about what you do. When they have good information about you, they feel comfortable and become clients. The buzzwords around how we tell your story are "informational advertising" or "relational advertising." But, who cares? How does it sound to you that we just keep the buzzwords to ourselves and work on telling your story? The people at NeighborWave do real work that will bring you new profitable customers.

WordPress Website Design. We build our websites using WordPress. WordPress is a wonderful free-to-use product that is extremely versatile and very simple to use for publishing and editing websites. We talk with you to select a design and then we add your pages with the click of a button-- and you can, too! We use WordPress because YOU get an EDIT Button that is just for you-- right on your pages. Your edit button makes the site as easy to use as email. The edit button is not visible to customers-- it's just for you. If you are looking at your website, you can edit it from any computer. Your clients don't see the edit button. We love WordPress because it offers you the opportunity to create and modify your own advertising messages. Having a sale or special event? Just add a page-- you won't need to hire a designer!

Advertising Management. We consolidate all of the good advice out there for you and put you directly in control. Much of this is administrative work with many details, but we get the junk work out of your way. We correctly navigate the many choices for you. One important part of this work is getting you working directly with Google and using their free tools to monitor the effectiveness of your internet marketing. You. In control, but not buried in minute details.

Real Help For Real People. You can get advertising help right here that works with you at your level. Our goal is to partner with you and get the hassles out of the way so that you can be effective doing the work that you want to do. Most customers tell us when we're done that they received much more than they expected. NeighborWave uses very standard easy to use techniques that have been carefully chosen to encourage your participation in producing and managing your advertising at any level of participation that you like. You can do most of it or none of it. Our job is to get the project complete and have it work well. You are going to love the new control you have over your local business marketing efforts.

A Good Place to Start might be our Free Website Evaluation