Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


A Simple Plan

Create Content - Publish - Test - Publish Wider

Simple Advertising. First Things First--our company and our people listen to your needs and we're willing to learn from your experience--not just our own. While we do offer some standard services it's important for you to know that you can hire us to do any piece of your advertising or marketing work that you want. Any. If you don't have a plan, don't worry. NeighborWave makes advertising simple for you at your level. We'll get you started and we'll get you DONE. We fix advertising all the time.

NeighborWave creates Simple Advertising that is attractive and easy to use. Easy to use? You bet. We supply both friendly services and tools that you get to use. We help Locally Advertised Small Business use their own publishing as advertising to attract new customers. We can really help you get control of marketing your local business for very little money. Our plans move quickly, allowing you to get down to the clear and simple basics of your marketing. What should you say and where?

Get Help. Take Action! Here's a fairly typical action plan:
Our work for you will definitely be different and much more specific.

  1. We listen to you and we learn.
  2. We Create Your Advertising Content. Simple. Truthful. Compelling.
  3. We Place Your Content As Internet Advertising, then...
  4. We make sure Google understands your site and is bringing you FREE traffic.
  5. Next we show you how to use The Edit Button on your pages (the edit button is only visible to you, but it's right there on your pages, is free, and requires no software for either mac or PC.)
  6. We Track the Results-- not just hits on a website-- but does your advertising actually make you money?
  7. Then We Use Your Content Again In Print (and soon--on TV). Your "next" advertising becomes cheaper and simpler for you.
  8. We Teach You How To Use Your Content Over and Over.

It really doesn't have to be so hard. Often business owners and managers find advertising frustrating. Much of that frustration is because the different kinds of companies that should provide help either don't or can't. They simply won't be helpful. They sell you advice on their terms and do no work or they do work on their terms and don't tell you what's happening or why. Designers only take care of graphics, Copy Writers only write the words, Agencies get paid only to do consulting or placement or management... and when you add in that you have to hire someone else to actually buy the placements, manage the hosting, consult on domain names and then you start monitoring your ads-- it's overwhelming and expensive. It truly doesn't have to be this hard.

NeighborWave Delivers Great Bottom Line Results without the Hassles.

NeighborWave sells simplicity. The work that we do is work that you probably wouldn't want to do yourself. The activities that we perform are writing copy, graphic design and usability design, internet management and we deliver a surprisingly great free marketing strategy with all of our work. We get the details out of your way so you can run your business. Our strategy and advice are free-- you only pay for our work. Our commitment is that we promise to work smart for you. What NeighborWave knows is that if we want to hear from you again, we have to work with a coherent marketing plan for your project. So we do that-- if you don't have a plan, we'll bring one to the project.

We do the detail work so that you can stay focused on results. All of our work is transparent to you if you want to learn: we'll tell you what we think you should try and why you should try it. And this advice comes while we create for you. But our real product is simplifying, smoothing out the complications and getting you a solid plan as a small business advertiser. You can hire us to perform any of the usual advertising production tasks and we're also very happy to work with your existing advertising and resources and with any vendors that you like. We Listen To You First, then we talk together about how our staff can help. And help we do. Your NEW customers will appreciate the honest simplicity and direct useful information in your NeighborWave created advertising messages.

Stop Browsing. Get Some Marketing Help For Your Small Business.