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Sample Work

Leveraging Open Source Design To Reduce Cost

(by correctly using open source)

Here is what you need to know about these sites: each site was up and running with an edit button on the pages in under 15 minutes. All of them could still use some work and that is one of the things that we get paid for: making open source go to work as a small business website. If you're just sure that "the look" of your website will win you business... we've got an advertising idea for you.

Sand Box 1Sand Box 2

These are sample designs using WordPress. For new websites, we use WordPress--and only WordPress. There is an entire community of thousands of WordPress users and many people contribute exceptional design that is free, nearly free, or just amazing!

Why WordPress? You can get the look that you want with an edit button right on the pages. But shouldn't that happen AFTER you know your site will bring you new business?

No, we didn't spend much time making this page- which is exactly the point: how we work is fast and effective-- and that keeps our focus on your messages and on how you interact with real customers.

Sand Box 5

Where's the Customers? Try Here.

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