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Results- Computer Services

The work that the client was requesting (SEO) was probably not going to help their business. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making sure that the search engines find your site first for particular words. NeighborWave staff are experts at SEO, but in this case we knew that it wouldn’t help the client.

The client in this case is a small computer services company. What the company sells is not just your basic PC repair and configuration work. They sell a product that lets a small business owner pay a few dollars each month for the computers that they need. The difficulty in this case is that their intended audience doesn’t understand their product. The entire market isn’t yet looking for what they sell, so SEO can’t really help them.

The client is now marketing directly in a very old fashioned way. They use printed advertising as mailers and follow up their mailings with telephone calls. They are also attending different networking events for small business. On the strength of their presentation in their sales brochures, they’ve been invited as speakers for two Chamber of Commerce meetings in two different cities. As the attendees from these meetings become clients, their word of mouth is going to be amazing.

As a secondary effort, we have also begun some low cost experimenting with using Google Adwords pay per click to generate leads. Eventually, the marketplace will understand their product. When the market is ready, their SEO is already in place.