Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Prosumer Advertising

Let's face facts. We all know that advertising is broken. As a businessperson, we want it to work. But as people, we want it to leave us alone. What we see happening right now actually creates a really wonderful opportunity for a different and better way to reach customers. We call it Prosumer Advertising. There are a different set of tools and idea in this advertising but the results are less intrusive and more informative.

The information in your internet advertising is itself a product-- an information product. Specifically, it's a product with information about what you sell. When someone types words into a search, they are asking the search engine to create a product just for them. They are participating in creating the information product that they will consume. They produce and consume-- Prosumer.

At NeighborWave, we're really just following a very simple business idea: put the product in front of the customer and give them the information to choose. The product is information. You might also call your internet advertising "just in time advertising" because it isn't advertising until it gets found by the consumer. It's important to note that Prosumer Advertising is not pushed in front of consumers. Instead, it is prepared in advance to meet their needs.

Some of the factors that make this an interesting time to be in NeighborWave's business:

  1. 61% of local internet searches result in a purchase.
  2. Broadcasting is becoming increasingly ineffective and a little annoying.
  3. Local Supply is environmentally friendly and is friendly to local ecomonies.
  4. Local Supply might possibly be required in the future. Seen the price at the gas pump lately?

Even a Very Small Business is a delicious fit for Prosumer Advertising. If Google and similar intermediary information tools are the future, then a guy running a shoe repair shop on the corner might want some help. Small Business needs help creating informational content and they need help directing that content correctly: first to the information intermediaries and then on to the information consumer.

Your business is a perfect match for some customers.
But if you don't tell your story correctly, new customers can't find you!

If you don't click over to the contact page, you will definitely put this idea aside within five minutes. This page is about a "big picture" idea, but that's really not how NeighborWave works. We really are inexpensive AND have lots of ideas-- little ones, big ones and we promise we'll bring all the ideas that can work for you to our work on your account. You can Give Us A Wave. Or you can wander off to youtube and not worry about your business' future-- it will probably take care of itself.