Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Someone at NeighborWave is going to ask for your money to do something important for you, so let's talk money.

$3 hundred = $40 thousand

Want to hear that a different way? Our invoice: $300. The client's income from their new advertising? $40,000. But the part that makes us really proud is that those are last year's number. This year that business made another $40,000 and didn't pay us a dime. Still feel like telling us that advertising doesn't work?

Let's Talk.

One way we see proof is the money. Another way to measure advertising results is by looking at SEO--Internet Search--Search Engine Optimization. It's a key category of function for your ads. If you still think websites don't work... then why are you reading this one? Websites DO work, but you have to focus on placement, the "getting found" part: SEO and Search Marketing. NeighborWave has created an amazingly simple and affordable method that is Really Good at getting traffic to websites. Crazy good. The site you are looking at right now has been found on Google with 1,200 different phrases in the last 12 months. Not 1,200 times--1,200 different phrases and almost 2000 different ways.

Here's what you need to know about search marketing: Once they CAN find you, your messages have a chance to win clients.

We can show you similar great results for our other services.

  • Sales Savvy Copy Writing. The words that get the sales.
  • WordPress Consulting. Your website with an edit button for you.
  • High Impact Print Design. Which looks really attract attention? We show you.
  • Advertising Management. Know Exactly where your Ad dollars go.

• • •

We make Good Advertising Messages
then we execute Good Advertising Placements
and we do those things for a low price and work in a way you'll understand.

Our work with internet search is just plain exceptional. From day one, we work to get websites found. If you're going to have a website, you had better get a plan to make sure it gets seen. We're good at that part. Really good. Even we don’t believe how bad we beat the other guys sometimes. One silly way that we see our products working is by counting how many of our competitors visit this website. They know we beat them using the keywords they want to use and they want to know how we did it.

Search Marketing is just ONE category of message delivery (message placement)-–and it’s important that your advertising work in more than one delivery channel. So Please don’t call us JUST a website company. NeighborWave makes great advertising for your business. But… we do make websites and a site made by us works great. Our sites successfully speak to:

  1. Search Engines who bring you prospects. (Placements)
  2. Prospects who actually buy something. (Market Winning Messages)

If your site doesn’t do both then we have to ask “Is it advertising?”

Great search success is a competitive advantage that we reserve for clients. Our clients just call it winning. We are even the subject of research, as the table below shows. For small and local businesses OWNERS, here’s what you need to know. If our results work this well against millions of competing sites, how do you think NeighborWave can do against the few dozen or hundred of sites that you need to beat? Below is a very short list–in a typical month we are found using HUNDREDS of different phrases. Fortunately for us, their paid for list doesn’t even show the good words.

And hey… for our competitors: Why are you paying to research us instead of just asking us how we can work together? Open UP! It’s OK to cooperate. Especially Web Designers. We are a great fit for people who sell design work. We’re happy to work with you to supplement your sales by providing services that you don’t. You can focus on the great work that you do and NeighborWave can fill in the blanks. In the end, shouldn’t we all just work on helping people?

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