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Passive Income Websites

We're sorry. No.

The only significant revenue that we see in the real marketplace using passive income websites is the profits made by people selling shoddy advice about how to get rich quick. This includes affiliate sites, which people don't seem to recognize as pyramid or MLM schemes. It's hard to know how many people actually take a passive income website to real profits, but our guess is that it's mostly people selling advice on how to make money from passive income websites. It's a logic so tortured that it's enough to make your head spin around.

The principle behind the advice seller's success is simple. The act of spending some money makes you feel like you've done something. We've talked to more than a few people who seem to be fairly manic about the idea. The experience has reminded us of addicts, like a gambler who's sure that the next roll of the dice will be the big win. If you want a shot at something real... buy a lottery ticket.

We feel strongly that taking people's money in exchange for a very low success rate is wrong.

If you'd like to be valued in any marketplace, do something valuable. There is so much junk out there that almost the only requirement for creating a new business is that you tell the truth and do something real. That simple act of authenticity raises your efforts up out of all the marketing junk. People know the authentic immediately and it's the basis of most good businesses.

Because it happens that so many are tempted to practice bad ethics in the marketplace, there are laws against it. Here's a link to the Federal Trade Commission's guide about marketing claims: Click. Please give these ideas some consideration--the people telling you that you can make money sitting back doing nothing... they might not just be lying--they might also be breaking the law.