Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Image v. Informational Advertising

Sometimes businesses get so wrapped up in trying to understand the science of persuasion that we forget to answer simple questions.

• • •

Image Advertising is for products and services that are already known by the consumer. It's a very expensive process of reminding people about what they already know.

Informational Advertising answers questions. When people search for something using the internet, they do two things:

  1. Compare... then compare some more... (the averages are 4 or 5 sites before deciding.)
  2. Buy. 61% of internet searches for local products end in a sale.

Increasingly, people are becoming accustomed to having the ability to research lots of information before buying something. Websites with a fancy look get a few seconds of attention, but websites with information get MINUTES instead of SECONDS.

Image Advertising has a focus on an emotional appeal. You begin by working with 'concepts' and then adapt the ideas into images--we hope! Often the process for smaller business ignores the 'concepting' phase altogether because the cost is high. Instead, most small businesses work with a designer who creates something spiffy and professional. You might never be able to measure the effect of image advertising.

Informational Advertising has a lot benefits, especially as Internet Advertising. It's cheaper. It can answer most client questions BEFORE you spend time and money supplying answers on the phone. But most importantly, it meets the consumer's need for information--and that is the golden opportunity: meet their needs. There are lots of perfect clients for your business that never learn about you. Where do they find your information? Is your website the first of 5 sites visited... or the last site that gets the sale?

Does your advertising give anyone a chance
to actually know you and what you do?