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How You Should Create Advertising Source Materials (Pictures)

There is a lot of information in your advertising. Sometimes HOW you make it has a great influence on where you can use it. You work with two types of information: words and pictures. An important step in reducing your advertising costs is creating your source materials using methods that let you recreate new ads using from your existing materials. I like to think of this as "data recycling" where you get to re-use the results of your previous work. But you have to work smart.Advertising copy is as simple to re-use as copy and paste, but computer graphics in advertising requires a little more planning.

Computer graphic files are created and stored in two general formats. 1. Bitmap Files come from Photoshop and similar programs- these are simple pictures and it's very important for you to understand that they have a specific size. 2. Vector Files come from Illustrator and other programs- and these work a little differently. Vector based images are actually the result of the math to create the lines and areas of the objects in your graphics. Vector based images do NOT have a specific size- and the result is that you can resize the image from a tiny icon on a computer screen all the way up to a 50 foot billboard.

What's the problem? What should you do? When you produce your advertising source materials you spend money. If you work smart, you won't have to spend that money again but you must retain those original works in a usable form. Always insist that you get the right source materials so that the materials can be resized for other kinds of publishing. Vector based files are best for you because they can size up with no loss of quality. Another source that is important is for you to have the original high resolution bitmap files. Your "picture" files might look fine on your website, but when you expand the same file for use in print-- it doesn't work because the quality degrades. With Image files you can make them smaller, but you can't make them larger.

Here are example images that are just zooms into our logo. The Vector image be used even at billboard size. The second image is bitmap.... you decide.

For your own advertising recycling plan, it's imperative that you keep copies of your high quality graphics. NeighborWave always produces using the right content with the appropriate tools.

We do have a simple Inkscape Tutorial to help make your own print ad.