Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


What will you NOT get?

How do we know advertising works? Because we fix advertising all the time for small businesses that made a purchase of advertising services that didn't sell a damned thing. If you've made this kind of purchase and are feeling a little ripped off--we're sorry. We really are sorry, but you have to get up, dust yourself off and make some new decisions about your small business advertising.

Don't kid yourself--it's important that your advertising actually work. In the real world. With real people. How else do we know NeighborWave advertising works? Because we have a $300 client whose small business advertising brings in $40,000 per year in new business.

Below are some of the things that we could do to make money. But honestly--if we did them-- we'd have trouble sleeping at night.

  • We could probably make a small fortune by wrapping up the stuff NeighborWave has learned about small business advertising into a tidy little e-book and selling it to you. But it wouldn't help you because advice without action is money to the wind.
  • There's another fortune to be made in selling software--big money that software--to let you create your own advertising. But it wouldn't help you because tools without advice is also money to the wind.
  • Since we actually know the 'secrets' to get to the top of search engine rankings, we could just create a directory for businesses and sell you ad space. But that definitely wouldn't help you because this offers no help for WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY.
  • We could come and stand in front of your business and bang a gong wearing a clown suit (or give sales pitches wearing a business suit...) until the cows come home. But it STILL wouldn't help you because you would not be in control.

We've seen all the mistakes. You may have made some, too. Don't let that stop you from growing your business.

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