Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Want Green Advertising?

We do, too! But we're pretty unhappy with most "me too" green advertising messages and don't even get us started about big companies. So called Green is part of the reason why we specialize in advertising for locally owned, locally operated small businesses. Local business is inherently more green and will probably be our culture's path back to true local sourcing of goods. Our own green credentials are pretty decent: our founder has chosen to give up driving (except for his 92 yr old Aunt Charlotte) Also, the company local sources everything that's possible.

For general advice about green advertising, here's the scoop: If it ain't simple, nothing will happen. If it isn't really true, then that makes you a big fibber! Zero Paper is the best tactic to advertise using a Green practice. That means get better at using the web. End of story.

Green Advertising Messages? Yes, we do that.

Let's not forget that most green practices are actually about making things work better using sustainable practices. Can you see how local sources are a delicious fit here? Something that we all see frequently is the use of green as a branding element. We find this disappointing, and here's why: Green is not an alternative-to-mainstream brand that justifies higher prices. NeighborWave is looking to support real businesses who ARE green by their nature and happen to use green advertising efforts, not just upscale marketing. So, in the interest of getting better at marketing, let's look at how you can use "what you get" informational advertising to speak to conscious and not-so-conscious consumers.

Oh, and Kevin told us to tell you all to quit driving. And turn your printer off when you're at lunch.

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