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Free Website Evaluation

How very sneaky to call it 'website' when it's really marketing... but, isn't it?

We don't succeed until our clients and friends succeed. Marketing is an important and profitable part of any business plan. If you don't really have a plan, don't worry-- that's very common. Send us your website address in an email and we'll take a look at what you have. Or just ask us your question-- lately we've been hearing from established businesses about their long standing yellow pages advertising. Any question is fine with us. You will only hear from us by email and only as you request it. Simply email us at the address below with your website address and say: "What would you do with this?" We'll take a few minutes to look your stuff over and we'll type up a brief report to make some suggestions that should help your advertising.

This is some really good stuff. Our favorite response recently was this quote from someone's boss: "Wow. They did this for free? Where did you find these guys?"

What you get is a response to you by email with answers to at least the following questions. Our list may a look a little different than some companies. That's because we innovate by using a broad set of skills to get ALL the parts of your advertising working well. And we won't even interrupt you with a phone call--it's all in writing for you.

  1. Check the basic keyword search effectiveness. Does Google's database understand your site and can an ordinary person find your business?
  2. Evaluate Advertising Copy (the text on your pages). Can customers understand what you will do for them? Will it sell? Do your messages move a prospective customer from attraction to interest and then on to action?
  3. Summary of what's right and what's wrong with your design work. Are the pages ordered well and do the graphics appear correctly?
  4. Are the materials on your website ready for use in other media? You should ALWAYS have the option of using your advertising materials for any media.

Want To See What What We Do For Free? Case Studies.