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Number One Free Marketing Program!

Something that you will have no trouble finding are people who would like to sell you a book or set of tapes or access to web pages about how to market your local business. These products are called software-- it is an information product that can be produced once and purchased many times. This is likely to be a very different business model than yours. NeighborWave is like you- we really do operate as a neighborhood based business. Just ask our printer, who also lives and works in our neighborhood. We believe in an economy of real intrinsic value-- a real product or service. You could say that we are the opposite of "perceived" value. We don't feel that competence is a separate product. Competence is included in working with professionals. You cannot buy anything here except our staff's time working for you. We like to think of this as: "our job."

NeighborWave offers no paid advice or software- instead, we do work for you and the advice is included at no charge. We are willing to actually do work for free to begin our conversation. Most of what you can read on our pages is about why we work the way we do in local advertising.

Most Marketing "Secrets" are about Selling Marketing Secrets!

The best work done by most marketing firms is their own product. The marketing that they know best is how to sell marketing "secrets." The value is "perceived" and varies widely. Some operate on the simple principle that if you charge enough money, the mere fact of high price will get the sale. It can be so difficult for a marketing company to perform actual work using their own theories that many don't even try-- they only sell advice.

NeighborWave is sharing some important new marketing information with our clients-- some of our ideas are quite unique and new. How do we know that? Our competitor's have griped to our face that they can't compete with what we offer. They don't deliver the range of features and they don't compete on price. We are confident you will really struggle to get what we do from anyone else. Our simple philosophy is that if we want to be valued in your marketplace we have to be valuable. That's why we begin our conversations with you by showing you some real work. Our Free Evaluations are much more than people expect- and our pitch is secondary to making the information valuable for you. Our work is about putting the right information in front of people making a purchase decision. Why wouldn't we want to show you our work- and isn't it just better that we show you work done specifically for you?

Why Software Doesn't Always Help

Have you ever created a list of things to do and then never really got started? Marketing and Advertising advice sellers work on this principle: you can buy activity and feel like you've done something. Nothing actually happened, but you feel like you've done something. They really aren't concerned that you don't get started because they have your cash. A few intrepid entrepreneurs do follow through and that is the feedback that you see on those sites. As long as you're parting with your real money-- shouldn't you just consider buying some effective marketing work?

Any Real Effort Gets Results

One of the most overlooked secrets of marketing is that almost ANY actual effort will produce some results. Our work is much more definite and you get to see results right away. We work from a pretty simple script. We like to begin with internet advertising so that we can create more than enough content to advertise your local business. NeighborWave applies every lesson that we've learned in our work for you. Next, we tune that advertising and show you directly that it is working with real customers. Later, you might call us to have us help with taking that same information and publishing in other kinds of media. It's efficient. It's easy for you to be in control of your advertising. NeighborWave is real work done by real people with a real value. Simple Advertising Help.


We've found a lot of useful information in some of these software products and we promise we'll use the best advertising ideas when we work on your account. The links below are all taken from the first couple of pages of a Google Search for "local business marketing."

  1. Referral Flood. It's interesting that on this internet page he uses a very simple referral technique. It's the next best thing to an actual person speaking to someone about your business. He supplies comments from customers right next to his offer to sell. Yes, we help you do that.
  2. City Slick dot Net. This is a directory service-- a software product where you build their business with the value of what you do. Don't be surprised if they turn up above you in Google listings.
  3. GeoLocal. I gave them 5 minutes of my life and I have no idea what they sell.
  4. Duct Tape Marketing. I love that name! It's not immediately apparent, but they actually do work for you! And it's only $7500 per half day to talk to the owner.
  5. SiteSell Reseller. These guys have automated tools that help you create content that costs you $299 per year. They bill you again next year after you've done all the work.
  6. Wolf 21. Real work happens by these guys-- and if you spend $250,000 on yellow pages ads, they'll teach you how to optimize for search engines.
  7. eBook Seller Bobette Kyle. She gives lots of useful information and she saves the good stuff for her eBook. I really like her focus on planning.
  8. Seth Godin. Seth is a terrific writer with lots of novel ideas. If you've got some cash and want to just read-- buy his stuff. He's much less about How to do it than many, but he'll help you to understand and tell your truth.

None of the links above are compensated in any way (though it's tempting!)

Meanwhile... If you'd like to simply purchase some Small Business Advertising Help (you know.. that work stuff-- human activity!) give NeighborWave a ring.

When you work with us, you'll learn a lot if you'd like to learn all this marketing stuff. We highly recommend that you manage your advertising and we build our product so that you can do that from day one. We also see plenty of clients that want limited involvement and that's OK, too.

So, what do you think? Buy some advice-- or hire some advertising help?