Simple Advertising You people are idiots.



Universal and Free College Educations. An educated population is more likely to seek better employment and better opportunities. There are more quality entrepreneurs, smarter voters, and a great recovery on our investment. Here are some of the obvious ways that we recover our investment:

  • Income. Education equals income and income equals new business for YOU. Plain enough?
  • Taxes. The fact (it’s not a theory) of greater income also means more tax revenue.
  • More Hope and Less Failure. Education reduces a host of costly ills: teen pregnancy, drug abuse, avoidable health problems like alcoholism and tobacco use… an education prepares people for a brighter future. It’s an investment in optimism.

Education is also an export product in the United States. A significant benefit to us all is the increased education infrastructure. America is still the place where the world would like to educate their children. We are the world’s supplier of choice. The more capacity we have to educate, the more we can sell that capacity on the world market. Again, like health care, how can this result in people wanting to bomb us?

Doesn’t an investment in optimism sounds like us?