Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Placement First.

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Or maybe you should consider the idea (not ours) that Design is Dead?

Don't get us wrong, we know much better than most that Design can be very valuable for a company's advertising efforts. It can also be a black hole for your money. If you are shopping for advertising help and the design of your advertising is very important to you, then we'd like to suggest that you go work with someone else. Seriously, just get outta here, we have nothing for you. The visual appearance of any communication should be the last consideration, not the first. We work in a way that lets you add design AFTER you see your advertising getting real sales.

Advertising is Communication. In advertising there are two simple elements: 1. A Message. 2. A Placement. Notice that the "D" word is missing.

People hate advertising, but they love information. People can love or hate the design work that you buy, but they still love information. Messages are the information. And if you don't work on placing your advertising--no one will ever see your beautiful design.

Good Advertising (message + placement) equals Money moving towards you.

Design is Money moving away from you-
a good simple strategy is "make me buy it."

If you're still convinced that design is the product that you want to buy, then go for it. While you spend $1000 on some top notch imagery, NeighborWave will work for one of your competitors for the same $1000. When you get done, you will you look great. When we get done, your competition will be taking your clients before they ever hear of you.

See you in the marketplace.

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