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Compare Methods For Advertising Local Business

This is a truly tough topic because there are a tremendous number of possibilities. A brief guide is available here from– it's useful and concise. One of the main points in the above article is that "getting your name out there" is NOT effective- but the messages attached to your name can be effective. And notice that web advertising isn't even mentioned in an article written in 2003.

How Much Money For How Many Customers?

How do you Compare Advertising Methods For Local Business? Look at how specific advertising affects your sales. If you can't track your results, you shouldn't buy it. And remember: you aren't buying an ad-- instead, your job is to buy advertising results from a specific ad.

Here is NeighborWave's basic proposition: We can create and implement a complete small business advertising plan with FIVE YEARS of highly targeted advertising for under $1000-- and you'll be ahead of most of your local competitors. NeighborWave creates the messages that customers need to hear in your advertising-- and we work WITH the search engines so that customers find you. 61% of searchers looking for a local product or service become a buyer. You can have useful customer contact with people who are local to you while you develop effective advertising messages that you can place anywhere.

Who's Working?

Before I discuss this, I want to you picture someone at work. If you're picturing someone at a computer, you've just pictured the single most common work environment. Now, do you suppose they get up and go look for the book? No. It is becoming more and more common for people to just type what they are looking to find. They type what they want to buy and the location where they want to buy it. Five years ago, advertising on the net didn't work for small business-- that's why it wasn't mentioned in the article above. But times change, and so do consumer habits. Is your business working in a way that will place your advertising on a cell phone map?

For most local businesses, the real choices are:
Yellow Pages, some print advertising, and the internet.
So, where should you start?

Start working on your future. The cost of a five year plan of internet advertising is almost entirely up front. Hosting a website is quite CHEAP at forty bucks per year. A reasonable design with reasonable copy writing keeps working for years. Our copywriting typically costs $400. We can create a site for you that includes an edit button using the same tools that we use here for another $400. That’s about FIVE YEARS of advertising directly to people trying to find you for around $1000. That's downright cheap. One of our clients sees about $40,000 per year in sales from Google referrals. And she only spent $300 with us.

Yellow Pages advertising is still great for some businesses, but the costs are high and your business will likely be viewed as a commodity supplier. You will definitely spend a lot more money publishing your advertising in paper. The question that nags me recently is this: How long is it going to be viable to publish those books for every household in the country?

More and more consumers begin and end their search for ordinary local services using the search engines. What do you think these tendencies will mean in 2013– just five years from now? It's important to mention that part of the ranking system that puts websites near the top is the durability of the content-- how long it has been online. If you don't see your competitors when searching, you can easily move to the top of that list and stay there. For years.

Your customers expect you to have a website. Your competitors love it if you don't.

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