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Sales for the Holidays!

Most local retail competition will not use their website to increase sales during holiday seasons. Why? They don't believe that it will work for them. What happens? Someone else takes that business. This is good news for you because YOU can still get those new customers. The bad news? It's mid October and time is quickly running out for working on Christmas Advertising for Local Retail. That nagging little thought that says you're going to get to work on your Christmas Advertising Ideas later? Sorry. Time's up.

Advertising Placements are extremely important. Far and away the most cost effective placement is your own advertising placement--the yellow pages of you: yes, your website.

What's required? You need the ability to add a page to your website and then take it down when the season is over. NeighborWave makes websites with an edit button for you--you get to do exactly that--add a page and then later take it down.

The internet is not just for the 'cool kids' anymore. Google delivered more real sales
for local businesses than the Yellow Pages--last year--2007!

Christmas Advertising via your website can be a real competition killer. While they stay away, you get paid.

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day

What do you need to do to get those customers? Publish timely information on your website that shows up in an internet search. We do not want to get stuck on buzzwords, but this is called Local Search Marketing. What that means is that you need to create new messages and get those messages on your website. Now! It takes a few weeks for new content to be indexed by the search engines. If you are reading this page past November 15th... it might be too late.

If you already have the tools to publish new pages on your own advertising space (sometimes called website), then that is GREAT NEWS. You just need to add some new words to your site. We'd recommend "last minute Christmas" and "gift idea YOUR TOWN" and similar phrases in the context of a page that speaks to local customers about what they want.

If you don't have the tools, or you just want to get some affordable help, this is exactly the stuff the people at NeighborWave do every day. You really can get some real help for your small or local businesses creating and using good advertising. No, we don't stop at Internet Advertising--we have very good design and print ad capabilities. We focus on keeping the price low for you and keeping you in control. If you have us make your website, you--yes, you--get an edit button. It's an easy way for you to put up those holiday advertising messages, and then take them down when the sale is over.

How Much? We keep our prices low so that you can afford it. A very comprehensive website including detailed statistics and training for you is only $1000. But often our price is much less. One of our clients makes $40,000 per year from work from a $300 one time invoice.

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