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Advertising Gotchas!

There are a lot of 'gotchas' out there- seemingly simple choices that can reduce the effectiveness of your advertising. A simple example: use the email account that comes with your website address-- like this ""-- not this-- "". The "yourbusiness" name is recognizable and it's from a real business. Another gotcha is building your website on a name that you don't own. Many companies assume the legal ownership of what you create. Your advertising winds up belonging to someone else!

Our writers, designers and technicians have worked through dozens of small technical problems just like the gotchas above. But technology isn't the only place where you can get got... have you checked lately to see if anyone is using your name? Are you buying placements that don't actually help you? We really don't want to use fear marketing, but the details of your marketing can go wrong and hurt instead of help. Most gotchas are fairly insignificant, but there are definitely some advertising mistakes that we see regularly. Our attention to detail will protect your interests, increase the value of your advertising investment, and get you speaking more directly to customers.