Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


The Smartest

You just have to love advertising work days when you hear things like this...

"I think you are the smartest guy alive, my friend!!! Thanks for that great advice!"


And in addition to having a name that can make people "dream of" Jeanie you might also think about living in a Haremized bottle....  Her amazing job title is: "Aestheician"


Client References

NeighborWave does not share customer information EVER. You bet we know that's different. Some of our most effective product is work that looks like the owner did it. We partner with you to create your advertising-- or we just make it for you: your choice. It's Authentic and Real, even if you need a little help from us to get it created and published. A link either from us or to us... erodes the authenticity of you and your story and you become just more advertising to ignore. You are not our trophy--you are a valued client. NeighborWave does not share customer information EVER.

Instead of using old work to let you know that you can work with us, we do something different:

We demonstrate our work for you for free. That's right, when we get a serious inquiry, we go to work evaluating your specific situation and then demonstrate how we'll meet your goals. It's pretty amazing value when you consider that most of our clients only spend a few hundred dollars.

Why No Customer Sites? We need to be absolutely clear about three things when you work with us: 1. You Own It. 2. Better Ethics. 3. We Earn Your Trust.

  1. You Own It. The results of our work for you belong solely to you. You are not a trophy for us to display-- you are the customer who deserves to receive the full undiluted value of our paid work. Unless you are in the advertising business, there's no benefit in a link from us. In fact, being associated with an advertising firm can reduce the effectiveness of your messages. Our services are such an amazing bargain that we sub-contract for "web designers." We must respect their business by not claiming that work as our own.
  2. Better Ethics. You will never receive a phone call or email from a stranger asking what it's like to work with us. We love that our customers recommend us, but word of mouth should involve your words-- and you telling the unsolicited truth. A link from a website is not word of mouth. Recommending us is your choice to make, not ours.
  3. Earning Trust. How can you trust us? First, we show you real work for free. Second, we publicly display our prices. Third, we will demonstrate live pages with you so that you can try out using the edit button, building your own photo gallery using your own images, and even changing the site design with a single click. All of this happens BEFORE you spend money with us. We have a simple practice of demonstrating that we will do what we say and do it when it's supposed to be done.

Most of our clients do come from word of mouth and we love and appreciate their enthusiasm. While much of our work uses the internet, we are much more interesting in being a neighborhood business that really does live in a lot of neighborhoods. Our business model is to function exactly like the local businesses that we serve--wherever possible you will work with a local person.

The Internet has created a lot of opportunity for hucksters, but the flip side of all the junk is that real people and real businesses can rise up out of that muck very quickly and attract new business by communicating honestly and directly. Authenticity and integrity require good ethics, and authority requires trust. The simple act of being the real deal sees great rewards in the internet space. The work that we do for clients increases the value of their advertising messages while decreasing the cost of presenting those messages. We translate principles into activities. If we didn’t operate with some pretty strict ethics– we’d just wind up making more junk. Not interested.

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I really appreciate how prompt and efficient you were and for all the information you've given me. Thanks again for everything.


Naturopath Website Client



...this is a great idea! I will try to do these articles in the next five days. I mailed your check Monday. Thanks so much.


Massage Therapist Website Client



Thank you for EVERYTHING! Most of all your understanding.....


therapist Website Client



I was really surprised the first time the phone rang because of the website, but now I get new clients from the internet all the time. Thanks so much for helping me focus on asking for the clients that I want. It feels great to have people responding so well to my work story. I'm thinking about hiring some help.


Computer Services Website Client



Most importantly, I really appreciate your honesty with me....all along the way. I totally understand and just want to let you know that it FEELS GREAT to not be beholden to someone controlling my hosting.


Life Coach Website Client



WOW! Thank you so much for such a detailed and researched answer! Your advice is very practical and I'm already seeing ways we can make this happen. Thanks again!


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