Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


A Simple Plan

Create Content - Publish - Test - Publish Wider

Simple Advertising. First Things First--our company and our people listen to your needs and we're willing to learn from your experience--not just our own. While we do offer some standard services it's important for you to know that you can hire us to do any piece of your advertising or marketing work that you want. Any. If you don't have a plan, don't worry. NeighborWave makes advertising simple for you at your level. We'll get you started and we'll get you DONE. We fix advertising all the time.

NeighborWave creates Simple Advertising that is attractive and easy to use. Easy to use? You bet. We supply both friendly services and tools that you get to use. We help Locally Advertised Small Business use their own publishing as advertising to attract new customers. We can really help you get control of marketing your local business for very little money. Our plans move quickly, allowing you to get down to the clear and simple basics of your marketing. What should you say and where?

Get Help. Take Action! Here's a fairly typical action plan:
Our work for you will definitely be different and much more specific.

  1. We listen to you and we learn.
  2. We Create Your Advertising Content. Simple. Truthful. Compelling.
  3. We Place Your Content As Internet Advertising, then...
  4. We make sure Google understands your site and is bringing you FREE traffic.
  5. Next we show you how to use The Edit Button on your pages (the edit button is only visible to you, but it's right there on your pages, is free, and requires no software for either mac or PC.)
  6. We Track the Results-- not just hits on a website-- but does your advertising actually make you money?
  7. Then We Use Your Content Again In Print (and soon--on TV). Your "next" advertising becomes cheaper and simpler for you.
  8. We Teach You How To Use Your Content Over and Over.

It really doesn't have to be so hard. Often business owners and managers find advertising frustrating. Much of that frustration is because the different kinds of companies that should provide help either don't or can't. They simply won't be helpful. They sell you advice on their terms and do no work or they do work on their terms and don't tell you what's happening or why. Designers only take care of graphics, Copy Writers only write the words, Agencies get paid only to do consulting or placement or management... and when you add in that you have to hire someone else to actually buy the placements, manage the hosting, consult on domain names and then you start monitoring your ads-- it's overwhelming and expensive. It truly doesn't have to be this hard.

NeighborWave Delivers Great Bottom Line Results without the Hassles.

NeighborWave sells simplicity. The work that we do is work that you probably wouldn't want to do yourself. The activities that we perform are writing copy, graphic design and usability design, internet management and we deliver a surprisingly great free marketing strategy with all of our work. We get the details out of your way so you can run your business. Our strategy and advice are free-- you only pay for our work. Our commitment is that we promise to work smart for you. What NeighborWave knows is that if we want to hear from you again, we have to work with a coherent marketing plan for your project. So we do that-- if you don't have a plan, we'll bring one to the project.

We do the detail work so that you can stay focused on results. All of our work is transparent to you if you want to learn: we'll tell you what we think you should try and why you should try it. And this advice comes while we create for you. But our real product is simplifying, smoothing out the complications and getting you a solid plan as a small business advertiser. You can hire us to perform any of the usual advertising production tasks and we're also very happy to work with your existing advertising and resources and with any vendors that you like. We Listen To You First, then we talk together about how our staff can help. And help we do. Your NEW customers will appreciate the honest simplicity and direct useful information in your NeighborWave created advertising messages.

Stop Browsing. Get Some Marketing Help For Your Small Business.


What will you NOT get?

How do we know advertising works? Because we fix advertising all the time for small businesses that made a purchase of advertising services that didn't sell a damned thing. If you've made this kind of purchase and are feeling a little ripped off--we're sorry. We really are sorry, but you have to get up, dust yourself off and make some new decisions about your small business advertising.

Don't kid yourself--it's important that your advertising actually work. In the real world. With real people. How else do we know NeighborWave advertising works? Because we have a $300 client whose small business advertising brings in $40,000 per year in new business.

Below are some of the things that we could do to make money. But honestly--if we did them-- we'd have trouble sleeping at night.

  • We could probably make a small fortune by wrapping up the stuff NeighborWave has learned about small business advertising into a tidy little e-book and selling it to you. But it wouldn't help you because advice without action is money to the wind.
  • There's another fortune to be made in selling software--big money that software--to let you create your own advertising. But it wouldn't help you because tools without advice is also money to the wind.
  • Since we actually know the 'secrets' to get to the top of search engine rankings, we could just create a directory for businesses and sell you ad space. But that definitely wouldn't help you because this offers no help for WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY.
  • We could come and stand in front of your business and bang a gong wearing a clown suit (or give sales pitches wearing a business suit...) until the cows come home. But it STILL wouldn't help you because you would not be in control.

We've seen all the mistakes. You may have made some, too. Don't let that stop you from growing your business.

Simple Advertising - New Customers


Need Search? (SEO)

$300 equals $40,000 ? ....Seriously?

You bet. SEO does not need to be expensive. It can have remarkable results. One of our $300 clients is making $40,000 per year from Google results. PER YEAR! Those returns are exceptional, not the rule, but why would anyone make a website without using search optimization? Our work has delivered #1 rankings for 17 out of 18 keyword phrases. It's almost guaranteed that you won't get a good return for your investment if you don't optimize for search. If you don't buy search help, you aren't buying results.

How Much?

NeighborWave's search optimization is a little different: it's FREE. What we call it is 'writing the words' for your advertising. Honestly, we just don't understand how other companies sell advertising copy that isn't search optimized.

Do You Need Search?

Yes. You do. The number one problem with small business websites is that they don't get found. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name for the work that gets you found. SEO is so fundamental that we don't even charge for it--we incorporate into the low price of every project that includes internet work. You cannot buy work from us that doesn't include SEO. When the rules change, you need to adapt.

In 2007, Google overtook Yellow Pages when real people look for local services. Local Advertisers can cash in on the 61% purchase rate of local internet searchers. That's right-- Google isn't some future thing anymore. It's where the game is TODAY and 61% of local searches end in a sale.

Search Optimization is so important to the future of advertising that they haven't finished inventing it yet and that means you need an innovative and responsive partner. If you want to make your advertising about creativity and good feelings--good luck to you, NeighborWave is probably not your website company. What we have experienced is that 'creative' advertising can look like advertising and get ignored. If you're ready to create your small business advertising so that you get found by customers and then supply them what they want, then we can tell you this: We love you; You are brilliant; You have a great future. Small Business Advertising is changing and NeighborWave uses methods that will grow your business this week, next year, next decade.

Here is some sample work: you found us! Our primary keyword category is "Small Business Advertising" but we also get found by many other phrases. In May 2008, 108 different phrases brought us visitors. Our own strategy is to stay focused on who we really want to work for: Small Business. For the last several months we have appeared in the top 20 google results--with 96 MILLION competing pages. That's right: we beat 96 MILLION competitors--including some very large companies. We do it every day. Shouldn't you put that expertise to work for you?

The small business websites that we create for customers are inexpensive and flexible. First, get found! THEN pay for nice design and add it to a website that is already bringing you new profits.

Get A Partner for your Small Business Advertising. We'll get your advertising messages placed where it counts: in front of paying customers.


Free Website Evaluation

How very sneaky to call it 'website' when it's really marketing... but, isn't it?

We don't succeed until our clients and friends succeed. Marketing is an important and profitable part of any business plan. If you don't really have a plan, don't worry-- that's very common. Send us your website address in an email and we'll take a look at what you have. Or just ask us your question-- lately we've been hearing from established businesses about their long standing yellow pages advertising. Any question is fine with us. You will only hear from us by email and only as you request it. Simply email us at the address below with your website address and say: "What would you do with this?" We'll take a few minutes to look your stuff over and we'll type up a brief report to make some suggestions that should help your advertising.

This is some really good stuff. Our favorite response recently was this quote from someone's boss: "Wow. They did this for free? Where did you find these guys?"

What you get is a response to you by email with answers to at least the following questions. Our list may a look a little different than some companies. That's because we innovate by using a broad set of skills to get ALL the parts of your advertising working well. And we won't even interrupt you with a phone call--it's all in writing for you.

  1. Check the basic keyword search effectiveness. Does Google's database understand your site and can an ordinary person find your business?
  2. Evaluate Advertising Copy (the text on your pages). Can customers understand what you will do for them? Will it sell? Do your messages move a prospective customer from attraction to interest and then on to action?
  3. Summary of what's right and what's wrong with your design work. Are the pages ordered well and do the graphics appear correctly?
  4. Are the materials on your website ready for use in other media? You should ALWAYS have the option of using your advertising materials for any media.

Want To See What What We Do For Free? Case Studies.


Web Designers

A lot small business people think “web designer” when they want to work on their advertising. For a lot of folks this hasn’t worked out well because they want to make it their only marketing effort. But if you’re a web designer you know that already. And we both know that this can be a demanding effort for all concerned. We are huge believers in the value of design–but we also know you, the designer, have heard complaints that your sites don’t seem to sell anything, that they don’t get found, and that most clients would like to edit their stuff. NeighborWave fixes  all that while letting you sell your very valuable design work.

We are not your competition, we expedite your plan to be a design business.
And since we DO NOT design, when we have design needs–we hire you to help us.

Here’s what we offer for Web Designers: Execution of your designs as good advertising (and good technology) for your clients.

  1. We build the site. You get to be the client.
  2. WordPress. Take a look at WordPress' own consultant list: we're there. Finally, your clients can have their own edit button. We even train them.
  3. COPY! Excellent writing work that includes SEO for your client.
  4. We’ll execute your design correctly. You just draw.
  5. Good Prices. For you. For your clients.
  6. Transparency… OR NOT. We’re happy to work for you. You choose whether your clients see our people as NeighborWave, or as ‘an employee’ of your firm using an email account supplied by you.
  7. You can throw back the little ones and still make money. We pay for referrals, even for small clients. When you have a prospective client who’s budget is too low to work with you, send them our way, keep a few bucks and get on with your life. Beats heck out of struggling with a site for 9 days when there’s only a couple hundred in it for you.
  8. Get out of the Computer Business. Yes, this a real partnership on your terms that can end the “tech chase” of learning and re-learning your business.

Just so you know our philosophy about design, it is this: must meet requirements... and requirements vary greatly. What we usually talk with clients about is that Good Design has a kind of authority in the eyes of the audience. Many advertising clients don’t require very much Design Authority, but lots of goods and services demand Design Authority. When it’s required, we advise our clients that design is well worth the money and that the least they should expect to spend is about $1000.

Often clients will choose better design as something they just want for themselves. It’s simply pride and they are willing to pay. Either way, as required or simply as want, we see that as a sales opportunity for you and when we have clients with a need, we look to our design partners. Good design work Never Hurts and it ALWAYS affects communications efforts positively.

We’d love to partner with you and get you back to the work that you wanted to do in the first place: designing something wonderful.

let’s talk


How To Advertise in A Down Economy

NeighborWave can help your company advertise effectively in today's market for as little as $100.

Work on Advertising Efficiency.

When sales are tight, smart companies compete by not just surviving, but by working on efficiencies. What's the difference? Suppose you tighten your belt by turning off the power to your computer systems. You do save on electricity, but are you working better than before? Instead of turning your back on the task at hand, you can work towards efficiency--that might mean taking some of that unused employee time and doing some training, some paperwork, some painting! Or maybe you could use the slow time to get better at attracting customers.

Want to know WHY? Click here for "Should You Advertise in a Down Economy?"

Efficiency in Advertising happens when you work on two things:

  1. Messages.
  2. Placements.

A business manager or owner needs to know how effective their advertising dollars are in the real world. If you spent a lot of money on a website, but no one ever visits... that is an inefficient placement. If you spend a lot of money buying print ads or clicks and you don't convert those viewers into customers... that indicates ineffective messages. When you work on your advertise, is it just guesswork to you? There's another way.

Those two elements, messages and placement, must work hand in hand in an advertising plan. Here at NeighborWave, we designed our product list to take care of smaller businesses that need help getting those two things working together. All of the things that you can buy from us are one-time fees and results driven. If you're interested in a website, we have 3 simple steps to make that investment pay for itself long term. The whole package works very well and costs only $1000 no matter the size of your business. Little business or big, we'll get your Advertising Messages and Advertising Placements working together by design.

  1. Create Website. Build a site that you own and control with your own edit button including a professional, polished design. Zero monthly fees. Edit button!
  2. Create Good Advertising Messages. Here's a big hint: Advertising Messages are actual words, not pictures. NeighborWave is not a web design company--NeighborWave is an advertising company.
  3. Tracking, Reporting, Information, Efficiency, Monitoring... We don't care what you want to call this--after you create messages and buy placements, you need to know what happened. What we call it is "The Facts Package." For websites, this means that you get to see what has happened today. And you get to see that... well, how's today for you?

Give us a wave, we'll help you fix your advertising.



Unless otherwise indicated, this Web site and its contents are the property of and are protected, without limitation, pursuant to U.S. and foreign copyright and trademark laws.

Permission to link to this site is revocable at any time for any reason.

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When to Buy Design Work

The simplest rule for you regarding this business decision is "make me buy it."

Advertising must perform. It must measurably help your business. If you begin your advertising efforts with design work, then you may not have the resources to finish the job. You might delay the performance part, the part where you see a return on your investment.

What MUST be in your advertising? Only 2 things: 1. A Message. 2. A Placement.

We create advertising that performs very well. Some clients do need good design and we supply expert help, but most of our clients don't invest even one thin dime in design work. Is it so hard to believe that if you focus on performance that you get performance? Our client's advertising performs beautifully--they get their money back.

How will your advertising partner from NeighborWave work with design for you? Very Simply. Very Effectively. And with unusual flexibility.

How flexible? If you would like to see how easy it can be to use design, send us an email. We'll change the design of this site JUST FOR YOU with 2 clicks of a mouse. 2 clicks.

Do our advertising design services stop there? No. A recent client hired us to build their website. We had an idea for a logo for their company, so we drew them a simple sketch and sent it along. They loved it and it only took us 10 minutes. Since it wasn't a big investment for us, we included the logo for free. The real surprise? That company replaced an expensive custom designed logo with our free one.

Bigger Surprise. What does the client that got the free logo do? What business are they in? They make advertising over 8000 miles away from our home office. Even Advertising Companies hire us to fix their advertising--including design.

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Sample Work

Leveraging Open Source Design To Reduce Cost

(by correctly using open source)

Here is what you need to know about these sites: each site was up and running with an edit button on the pages in under 15 minutes. All of them could still use some work and that is one of the things that we get paid for: making open source go to work as a small business website. If you're just sure that "the look" of your website will win you business... we've got an advertising idea for you.

Sand Box 1Sand Box 2

These are sample designs using WordPress. For new websites, we use WordPress--and only WordPress. There is an entire community of thousands of WordPress users and many people contribute exceptional design that is free, nearly free, or just amazing!

Why WordPress? You can get the look that you want with an edit button right on the pages. But shouldn't that happen AFTER you know your site will bring you new business?

No, we didn't spend much time making this page- which is exactly the point: how we work is fast and effective-- and that keeps our focus on your messages and on how you interact with real customers.

Sand Box 5

Where's the Customers? Try Here.

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Sales for the Holidays!

Most local retail competition will not use their website to increase sales during holiday seasons. Why? They don't believe that it will work for them. What happens? Someone else takes that business. This is good news for you because YOU can still get those new customers. The bad news? It's mid October and time is quickly running out for working on Christmas Advertising for Local Retail. That nagging little thought that says you're going to get to work on your Christmas Advertising Ideas later? Sorry. Time's up.

Advertising Placements are extremely important. Far and away the most cost effective placement is your own advertising placement--the yellow pages of you: yes, your website.

What's required? You need the ability to add a page to your website and then take it down when the season is over. NeighborWave makes websites with an edit button for you--you get to do exactly that--add a page and then later take it down.

The internet is not just for the 'cool kids' anymore. Google delivered more real sales
for local businesses than the Yellow Pages--last year--2007!

Christmas Advertising via your website can be a real competition killer. While they stay away, you get paid.

  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day

What do you need to do to get those customers? Publish timely information on your website that shows up in an internet search. We do not want to get stuck on buzzwords, but this is called Local Search Marketing. What that means is that you need to create new messages and get those messages on your website. Now! It takes a few weeks for new content to be indexed by the search engines. If you are reading this page past November 15th... it might be too late.

If you already have the tools to publish new pages on your own advertising space (sometimes called website), then that is GREAT NEWS. You just need to add some new words to your site. We'd recommend "last minute Christmas" and "gift idea YOUR TOWN" and similar phrases in the context of a page that speaks to local customers about what they want.

If you don't have the tools, or you just want to get some affordable help, this is exactly the stuff the people at NeighborWave do every day. You really can get some real help for your small or local businesses creating and using good advertising. No, we don't stop at Internet Advertising--we have very good design and print ad capabilities. We focus on keeping the price low for you and keeping you in control. If you have us make your website, you--yes, you--get an edit button. It's an easy way for you to put up those holiday advertising messages, and then take them down when the sale is over.

How Much? We keep our prices low so that you can afford it. A very comprehensive website including detailed statistics and training for you is only $1000. But often our price is much less. One of our clients makes $40,000 per year from work from a $300 one time invoice.

Get in touch!
We're happy to help.

Web Design

Design is not trivial, but it's not the only thing in your advertising. Many people use up all of their energy (or budget) working on the look-- and then they have nothing left for the functional work of their marketing: for making messages, for getting found by Google, for learning how to manage their own pages. Design skills (and dollars) are best suited for Image Advertising and Image Ads are not well suited for either the internet or small business. Customers have questions and they buy where they get answers. Images have a hard time answering specific questions.

For new websites, we use WordPress--and only WordPress. We've got about 93 reasons for this choice, but related to design, the big reason is this: why pay for design when you may not need it and you can get it free?  There is a very large community of thousands of WordPress users and many people contribute exceptional design that is free, nearly free, or just plain amazing! NeighborWave helps you select from thousands of existing designs and then modifies it for correct functionality and your tastes. One of the things that we love about WordPress is that you can re-design your site later and when you're ready--the design gets changed with ONE CLICK. And all that happens while your site continues to answer specific questions.

Why WordPress? YOU get an edit button right on the website. Making changes to your own content is about as hard as using email. Also, because we can work on the design AFTER your content is up and working-- and that helps a lot of people get UNstuck. If you hire us to do your website it gets DONE-- it's good advertising -and- you can keep working on it. Yes, you can get the look that you want, but shouldn't that happen AFTER you know your site will bring you new business?

Sample WordPress Websites

We'll show you how easy it is to create pages right now!


WordPress Design

There is one design element that we encounter over and over and over... It's probably an issue with fully half of the sites that we build for small business--and our WordPress Consulting is most of NeighborWave's business.

Top Navigation versus Side Navigation. We totally "get it" that Top Nav looks better to our eye. The issue that we encounter repeatedly is that left to right links are a fixed space in your screen real estate. Computer screens do not readily scroll from left to right while remaining readable. What we recommend is a combination of the two. Fixed "Page" documents across the top and "Post" along the Side Nav.

Side Nav Helps You! For a basic Small Business Advertising Website using WordPress, a typical business really uses just a few pages. "Home" provides and invitation to explore, "About" supplies some information to make people feel safe and comfortable and "Contact" asks the reader to contact the business and buy something. What the Side Nav gives you is a really good space to create a wide variety of topics that can be attractive both to readers and to the search engines.

Even WordPress has gone Side Nav! The advertising folks here at Neighborwave were pretty excited to see the new internal design of WordPress has gone Side Nav! Yeah, now we can scroll down instead of clickcing through many, many tiered topnav menu steps. As always, Nicely done guys!

New WordPress 2.7 Menu System


WordPress Consulting

NeighborWave is a WordPress Consultant Heaven! We usually WordPress in the context of Creating Great Advertising for Small and Local Businesses. Yes, that definitely includes freelancers. Our Rates Are Low enough to be able to promise that even a one person business benefits easily. First, we promise: your site will get done on time. Days, not weeks. Next, we'll help search engines find you. Your site really can help your business sell products--even if your only product is time.


YOU get to be in control of your own internet publishing
without the hassle of learning everything from the ground up.

When we create new sites We Only Use WordPress-- it's that good. NeighborWave does great real-world WordPress Consulting. Design, Plugins, Themes, Multiple WordPress Sites in a Single Database-- you name it. If you are having a problem, we can fix your WordPress.

Here's what you can get when you use WordPress.

Benefits for HOW you work on your advertising:

  1. An Edit Button For You. The WordPress 2.7 Menus are super easy to use. If you can do email-- you can work on your own site.
  2. A wealth of available talent- not just us! There are millions of WordPress sites and someone had to make every last one. That means you can get real help because there are lots of WordPress Consultants.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WordPress is an excellent platform for Search Optimizing your pages. If your website doesn't get found, can you really call it advertising? Our SEO kicks butt and is cheap.

Website Features. These are standard with every NeighborWave website.

  1. A backup Every Day emailed to you. You can pick less than every day if you'd like.
  2. OR a backup every day on your site. It doesn't get any easier than automatic.
  3. Statistics. Who visited? When (by the hour)? What search brought them? What did they look at?
  4. Easy to use SEO tools. Pick the right words and get them on your pages.
  5. Email button for visitors.
  6. Social Networking link tools for visitors.

Website Add-ons. Very low-priced, but full features.

  1. Shopping Cart. Again, with an edit button for you.
  2. Picture and Product Galleries. Again, with an edit button for you. You can upload your own and know that they'll display just great.
  3. Slideshows. Again, with an edit button for you.

Price List

Expensive? Naaah! You wouldn't buy it if it was expensive. About half of our clients spend less than $500, and even our smallest clients tell us all the time that we deliver much more than they expected. We like to think that we've figured out how to work smarter. So much smarter that we can say this:

One of our $300 clients is a one person business...
making $40,000 per year
...only from Google results.

Here is our Price List. It's the best advertising value anywhere. This is not a complete list, but it does list some of the things that people frequently inquire about.

  1. FREE Evaluation. Good stuff--in writing.
  2. Writing. $400. Advertising Copy so customers understand you and Google finds you.
  3. SEO is always FREE with writing. It's Free and it's very, very good: does #1 rankings for 17 out of 18 phrases sound like SEO success?
  4. Website. $400. Creating (or re-creating) your Website with an Edit Button For You. And this is not some stripped down, doesn't look right site-- it's good design!
  5. The Facts Package! $200. Reporting, Tracking... just what the heck is going on with your money?!? Advertising Management that shows you how your investment works.
  6. E-commerce. $100 to $250. We make fully featured add-ons like shopping carts and display galleries to sell and show your products.
  7. Design A Print Ad. $100-$250.
  8. Yellow Pages. We used to have a price here, but now it makes more sense to just say this: Kiss 'em goodbye. Yellow Pages is done--Google beat them in 2007.
  9. Sales Brochures from scratch for $250-- but Website/Writing customers only pay $100.
  10. Anything Else? YES! EVERYTHING ELSE! We do piece work based on your needs and project work for similar low rates. And we will NEVER sell you something that you don't need.
  11. No Monthly Fees. No Recurring Fees. No Phone Calls from our prospects. None. Ever!

Here's some information about what you get with a few of the basic services, but the best thing to do is just ASK YOUR QUESTION.

Advertising Copy. If you don't have words, Google can't find you. It's just that simple. We think that copywriting work MUST include SEO because, frankly, why would you NOT put your writing on the web? We work by talking with you-- and we listen. Once we know your story, we write 4-5 pages of text including headline texts. It's enough material to fill an average website, And brochures, AND print ads. We don't stop at headlines-- you get full pages. Those full pages of topical text are required for Google to find your business. And it works to tell customers about what you do. When they have good information about you, they feel comfortable and become clients. The buzzwords around how we tell your story are "informational advertising" or "relational advertising." But, who cares? How does it sound to you that we just keep the buzzwords to ourselves and work on telling your story? The people at NeighborWave do real work that will bring you new profitable customers.

WordPress Website Design. We build our websites using WordPress. WordPress is a wonderful free-to-use product that is extremely versatile and very simple to use for publishing and editing websites. We talk with you to select a design and then we add your pages with the click of a button-- and you can, too! We use WordPress because YOU get an EDIT Button that is just for you-- right on your pages. Your edit button makes the site as easy to use as email. The edit button is not visible to customers-- it's just for you. If you are looking at your website, you can edit it from any computer. Your clients don't see the edit button. We love WordPress because it offers you the opportunity to create and modify your own advertising messages. Having a sale or special event? Just add a page-- you won't need to hire a designer!

Advertising Management. We consolidate all of the good advice out there for you and put you directly in control. Much of this is administrative work with many details, but we get the junk work out of your way. We correctly navigate the many choices for you. One important part of this work is getting you working directly with Google and using their free tools to monitor the effectiveness of your internet marketing. You. In control, but not buried in minute details.

Real Help For Real People. You can get advertising help right here that works with you at your level. Our goal is to partner with you and get the hassles out of the way so that you can be effective doing the work that you want to do. Most customers tell us when we're done that they received much more than they expected. NeighborWave uses very standard easy to use techniques that have been carefully chosen to encourage your participation in producing and managing your advertising at any level of participation that you like. You can do most of it or none of it. Our job is to get the project complete and have it work well. You are going to love the new control you have over your local business marketing efforts.

A Good Place to Start might be our Free Website Evaluation


Our Philosophy

Choose Effective. Choose Ethical. Work Different.
(and try to make a little room in your day for making funny faces)

. . .

Choose Effective. If you've tired of trying to figure it all out and just want to get some advertising help¦ You've come to the right place. Reading, studying, learning about all this marketing stuff takes lots of time. If you have lots of time, keep right on researching. When you are ready to act, call us. Skilled work is effective.

Choose Ethical. We never share your information with anyone--not even as samples of our work. Also, we do not help people who are trying to figure out how to sell junk--it's not worth the loss in reputation.

Work Different. Advertising is changing and NeighborWave works differently. We produce materials using someone local to you. We make our stuff by hand because simple human judgment beats theory and automation every time. If you want splashy pictures and tired come-ons: then NeighborWave is not for you. If you want to work with a person and be recognized in your marketplace as compelling, authentic and well worth the money--if you want superior profitability and amazing customer retention--if you want to connect and have a more satisfying work life: then hire us to help you with your advertising. We'll start by doing work that can get you new sales this week.

. . .

Who Does NeighborWave Help? We typically help small and local business. You can expect exceptional prices while we work using very old-fashioned ideas: authenticity, telling the truth, doing the work. Helping small and local business grow success is a mission that we love and it feels great to work with people that we admire. You, in your small business, can and should be competing against larger competitors by using better advertising. We have lots of expertise in Giant Killer Marketing and it's not as hard as you think--but you could use a partner.

Hire NeighborWave.

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The Advertising Basics

Prospective customers need information about you. Your Advertising Techniques need to carry that information to customers. NeighborWave will help you get the right information to prospects by creating great advertising messages and reducing the cost of production and placement.

Your prospects are increasingly ready to look not only for what you sell, but how you sell it. Customers want to know what experience comes with their buying dollars: are you helpful, are you cheap, what are you? It's a frequent and pointless exercise to attract clients that don't actually want anything from you. And when they walk away... understand this: you just paid money to make someone unhappy with you.

One of the people that invented modern advertising said very plainly that "90% of advertising never sold a damn thing." If you would like your company to be in the other 10%, then you need to work on your messages-- your content. Stop waving your arms and start answering questions. The so called "getting your name out there" plan is just arm waving.

First things first, what are The Simple Advertising Facts about you:
[can YOU answer the questions about you?]

  • Where are you?
  • What do they Get?
  • How do they Buy from you?
  • Will you Be Here tomorrow?
  • Do you have truthful, helpful product knowledge?

How do you make advertising that answers the questions?

Start writing. If you can't write, hire a writer. If your advertising doesn't answer any questions, then it's just waving your arms plus pretty pictures. How is someone going to understand that? Writing isn't necessarily complicated, sometimes the answer is as simple as "Fast Delivery." Let it be 'too simple' and anyone can understand you and what you do.

Where do you put that advertising? Start Cheap!

Internet Advertising is cheap and you learn through the process of watching NeighborWave create your advertising content. We don't sell advice, but we do talk openly with you about the choices and you will learn about advertising you-- not some theoretical company from an advice column. The costs in a web site are almost all up front and that's easy to budget. Internet Advertising can also be teaching you how to track your results. Your small business website can serve you for years and it also gives you some room to make mistakes. The page you create for internet searchers today can be changed tomorrow by you for exactly zero cost. You are the publisher, editor, owner and customer of your own website. Don't worry that you hire people to do the work--You are the Publisher.

Stay Cost Effective.

Once you find messages that work, re-publish the same information in different locations. Cost effective advertising isn't wasteful. When you find themes that work in your internet advertising, use them again... in Print. Same pictures, Same words-- new way for clients to get answers to questions about their own wants and needs.

Small Business Advertising can be done cheaply and effectively using a very simple plan. In fact, it's almost required that you stick to simplicity throughout your advertising techniques. Start with answers- and then look for inexpensive ways to put those answers in front of the people who need what you do. If you decide that it's rocket science, then sooner rather than later you'll be spending big money to pay for big salaries. Why not consider just hiring some effective simple advertising help.

We're here to help you get your advertising simple.


You’ll Know It Works!

Of course it works..
Included in our standard package is something that you might not expect: You get to monitor real world results immediately. From the beginning of your project, we correctly configure and show you how to use your own Google accounts and the Google tools to track the effectiveness of your internet advertising. We like our plans to begin with Internet Advertising because you can see your results quickly and easily and because it's so durable. But even more important to us is that we work towards this goal: YOU are in control of your advertising.

You Create (if and when you like)
All of the web sites we make include an edit button for you, it's as easy as email to keep your own pages fresh and useful. We make sure that you have all of the administration information in your hands as soon as it's created. FTP addresses, accounts, logins, passwords. NeighborWave staff think it's fair that your project begins with control- your control- we give you the tools to change your mind and even fire us on the first day. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with our services so we don't hide any information from you.

You stay in control
You'll see how your website is working now-- and you'll see the difference that Simple Advertising Management makes for your small business. NeighborWave has exactly ZERO strategy for tying your business to ours. We do our work and then put you directly in control. You pay for the work once and then see it working. It's one of our simple strategies to reduce your future advertising costs. No recurring billings, no expensive add ons. Just good results. Now. We're happy if you call us again, but you don't have to keep paying us.

Efficient Follow Up Advertising
The materials from a well-designed Internet Advertising Campaign are useful again as the information that you'll need for Print and Other Advertising. As you tune your messages using your web pages, your small business advertising team is gaining experience with you, your messages and your customers. That's great expertise and can feed your business for years to come.

And we never retain rights to the results of work that you've paid for!


You’ll Know It’s Yours!

Did you know that many advertising services only share the ownership of your materials with you? Even some pretty substantial companies retain some ownership rights-- even to material that you make. That's not true here. YOU own it. To us, this is some very simple ethics.

YOU Own the Results
The result of our work is your property, it is created solely for you. We retain no rights. You own the pages, everything on the pages and it is your hosting, not ours. Many small business marketing service want you to keep paying month after month-- and that's after they didn't help you make the content! How about instead you just pay for the work that gets done this month-- not pay for old work.

Everything that we make is yours. All of the writing and design work that you choose to use is owned wholly by you. Our prices are very low for a quality hand made product and that's a good value. A better value is that we always make sure that you have in your possession the right source materials to publish your advertising again in a different media.

Our Integrity Means Your Control
One of the many ways that we demonstrate our integrity is by always, in every regard, giving you control over our work for you. Part of our simple plan is to always have you in possession of all the names and passwords that we use while working for you. For example, the Google account we create for tracking is your account-- configured by us, but used by you. There is no part of our strategy that keeps your business tied to NeighborWave through any administrative, technical or contractual means. Zero recurring billings.

When you're ready to get some control over the expense
and complication of your small business advertising, contact us.