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For Small Business

We use a lot of software tools- and we're happy to make free recommendations for your specific task- NeighborWave uses specific tools in a comprehensive plan so that they fit together and meet objectives.

What are the tools that YOU need for advertising your business? A lot of people find this page while seeking advertising software tools to use in their marketing. And they're shopping based on price- with free advertising tools a very strong preference. We really don't like to use fear in our own marketing, but look carefully at those "free" services-- sometimes they contain a "gotcha." A common "gotcha" when using free advertising tools is that the tool ties you to something: someone else's website, a recurring billing, software that needs upgrades... the list of traps goes on and on. Again, we're happy to recommend (yes, for free) the REAL free advertising tools.

Here's what we think about choosing Small Business Advertising Tools...

Toolkit #1- Advertising Messages.

Toolkit #2- Production Technique.

Toolkit #3- Publishing Technique.

Toolkit #4- Managing Results.

Let's step back a little and get some perspective on where advertising actually happens. No matter what or where you choose to advertise, the actual act of advertising is the placing of your information onto a publishing platform. Newspapers, direct mail, internet, radio... they all carry your information to consumers.

The single most effective way you can choose your advertising tools is to first understand the tasks. Choose Advertising Tools to produce the right materials- the right information about you. Next, choose Advertising Tools for Small Business that produce information in a cost effective manner. Then, choose Advertising Tools to produce that information for more than one publishing platform. With the right planning, new advertising efforts can build on previous success and leverage previous efforts. It's easier for the second or third platform when you've got a plan that includes more than just buying an ad.

There are lots of products that might be called 'advertising tools for small business,' but the focus of these products is usually one small task-related aspect of your advertising. Occasionally you can find a guide for one type of publishing- but will those methods affect your other advertising? And how will it affect your costs? Can you use the results again in other places?

NeighborWave works with you as a small business advertising agency that builds and grows your own advertising toolkit. The tools that are right for you. Help where you need it- and zero cost where you don't want it. We focus your attention on increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs of your efforts and your dollars. We work through all of the steps above with your specific situation and demonstrate for you solid methods while we cheaply write, create graphics and place your advertising. We don't charge for the advice-- we do the work and the advice is free. Our advertising plans include a future: You, in control of your small business advertising.