Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Our Philosophy

Choose Effective. Choose Ethical. Work Different.
(and try to make a little room in your day for making funny faces)

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Choose Effective. If you've tired of trying to figure it all out and just want to get some advertising help¦ You've come to the right place. Reading, studying, learning about all this marketing stuff takes lots of time. If you have lots of time, keep right on researching. When you are ready to act, call us. Skilled work is effective.

Choose Ethical. We never share your information with anyone--not even as samples of our work. Also, we do not help people who are trying to figure out how to sell junk--it's not worth the loss in reputation.

Work Different. Advertising is changing and NeighborWave works differently. We produce materials using someone local to you. We make our stuff by hand because simple human judgment beats theory and automation every time. If you want splashy pictures and tired come-ons: then NeighborWave is not for you. If you want to work with a person and be recognized in your marketplace as compelling, authentic and well worth the money--if you want superior profitability and amazing customer retention--if you want to connect and have a more satisfying work life: then hire us to help you with your advertising. We'll start by doing work that can get you new sales this week.

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Who Does NeighborWave Help? We typically help small and local business. You can expect exceptional prices while we work using very old-fashioned ideas: authenticity, telling the truth, doing the work. Helping small and local business grow success is a mission that we love and it feels great to work with people that we admire. You, in your small business, can and should be competing against larger competitors by using better advertising. We have lots of expertise in Giant Killer Marketing and it's not as hard as you think--but you could use a partner.

Hire NeighborWave.

We're looking forward to seeing your funny face-- here's some of ours:

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