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WordPress Consulting

NeighborWave is a WordPress Consultant Heaven! We usually WordPress in the context of Creating Great Advertising for Small and Local Businesses. Yes, that definitely includes freelancers. Our Rates Are Low enough to be able to promise that even a one person business benefits easily. First, we promise: your site will get done on time. Days, not weeks. Next, we'll help search engines find you. Your site really can help your business sell products--even if your only product is time.


YOU get to be in control of your own internet publishing
without the hassle of learning everything from the ground up.

When we create new sites We Only Use WordPress-- it's that good. NeighborWave does great real-world WordPress Consulting. Design, Plugins, Themes, Multiple WordPress Sites in a Single Database-- you name it. If you are having a problem, we can fix your WordPress.

Here's what you can get when you use WordPress.

Benefits for HOW you work on your advertising:

  1. An Edit Button For You. The WordPress 2.7 Menus are super easy to use. If you can do email-- you can work on your own site.
  2. A wealth of available talent- not just us! There are millions of WordPress sites and someone had to make every last one. That means you can get real help because there are lots of WordPress Consultants.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WordPress is an excellent platform for Search Optimizing your pages. If your website doesn't get found, can you really call it advertising? Our SEO kicks butt and is cheap.

Website Features. These are standard with every NeighborWave website.

  1. A backup Every Day emailed to you. You can pick less than every day if you'd like.
  2. OR a backup every day on your site. It doesn't get any easier than automatic.
  3. Statistics. Who visited? When (by the hour)? What search brought them? What did they look at?
  4. Easy to use SEO tools. Pick the right words and get them on your pages.
  5. Email button for visitors.
  6. Social Networking link tools for visitors.

Website Add-ons. Very low-priced, but full features.

  1. Shopping Cart. Again, with an edit button for you.
  2. Picture and Product Galleries. Again, with an edit button for you. You can upload your own and know that they'll display just great.
  3. Slideshows. Again, with an edit button for you.