Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


The Smartest

You just have to love advertising work days when you hear things like this...

"I think you are the smartest guy alive, my friend!!! Thanks for that great advice!"


And in addition to having a name that can make people "dream of" Jeanie you might also think about living in a Haremized bottle....  Her amazing job title is: "Aestheician"


Web Design

Design is not trivial, but it's not the only thing in your advertising. Many people use up all of their energy (or budget) working on the look-- and then they have nothing left for the functional work of their marketing: for making messages, for getting found by Google, for learning how to manage their own pages. Design skills (and dollars) are best suited for Image Advertising and Image Ads are not well suited for either the internet or small business. Customers have questions and they buy where they get answers. Images have a hard time answering specific questions.

For new websites, we use WordPress--and only WordPress. We've got about 93 reasons for this choice, but related to design, the big reason is this: why pay for design when you may not need it and you can get it free?  There is a very large community of thousands of WordPress users and many people contribute exceptional design that is free, nearly free, or just plain amazing! NeighborWave helps you select from thousands of existing designs and then modifies it for correct functionality and your tastes. One of the things that we love about WordPress is that you can re-design your site later and when you're ready--the design gets changed with ONE CLICK. And all that happens while your site continues to answer specific questions.

Why WordPress? YOU get an edit button right on the website. Making changes to your own content is about as hard as using email. Also, because we can work on the design AFTER your content is up and working-- and that helps a lot of people get UNstuck. If you hire us to do your website it gets DONE-- it's good advertising -and- you can keep working on it. Yes, you can get the look that you want, but shouldn't that happen AFTER you know your site will bring you new business?

Sample WordPress Websites

We'll show you how easy it is to create pages right now!