Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Need Search? (SEO)

$300 equals $40,000 ? ....Seriously?

You bet. SEO does not need to be expensive. It can have remarkable results. One of our $300 clients is making $40,000 per year from Google results. PER YEAR! Those returns are exceptional, not the rule, but why would anyone make a website without using search optimization? Our work has delivered #1 rankings for 17 out of 18 keyword phrases. It's almost guaranteed that you won't get a good return for your investment if you don't optimize for search. If you don't buy search help, you aren't buying results.

How Much?

NeighborWave's search optimization is a little different: it's FREE. What we call it is 'writing the words' for your advertising. Honestly, we just don't understand how other companies sell advertising copy that isn't search optimized.

Do You Need Search?

Yes. You do. The number one problem with small business websites is that they don't get found. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name for the work that gets you found. SEO is so fundamental that we don't even charge for it--we incorporate into the low price of every project that includes internet work. You cannot buy work from us that doesn't include SEO. When the rules change, you need to adapt.

In 2007, Google overtook Yellow Pages when real people look for local services. Local Advertisers can cash in on the 61% purchase rate of local internet searchers. That's right-- Google isn't some future thing anymore. It's where the game is TODAY and 61% of local searches end in a sale.

Search Optimization is so important to the future of advertising that they haven't finished inventing it yet and that means you need an innovative and responsive partner. If you want to make your advertising about creativity and good feelings--good luck to you, NeighborWave is probably not your website company. What we have experienced is that 'creative' advertising can look like advertising and get ignored. If you're ready to create your small business advertising so that you get found by customers and then supply them what they want, then we can tell you this: We love you; You are brilliant; You have a great future. Small Business Advertising is changing and NeighborWave uses methods that will grow your business this week, next year, next decade.

Here is some sample work: you found us! Our primary keyword category is "Small Business Advertising" but we also get found by many other phrases. In May 2008, 108 different phrases brought us visitors. Our own strategy is to stay focused on who we really want to work for: Small Business. For the last several months we have appeared in the top 20 google results--with 96 MILLION competing pages. That's right: we beat 96 MILLION competitors--including some very large companies. We do it every day. Shouldn't you put that expertise to work for you?

The small business websites that we create for customers are inexpensive and flexible. First, get found! THEN pay for nice design and add it to a website that is already bringing you new profits.

Get A Partner for your Small Business Advertising. We'll get your advertising messages placed where it counts: in front of paying customers.