Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Should You Advertise In A Bad Economy?

Nope. Don't do it. Won't help you. It's a bad move. Move along, now. Nothing to see here.

Save your money. Later, you are going to need seed corn and a tent and matches. The idea of advertising while no one is advertising is just dumb. The advertising genius of those who leave advertising as pure white space--empty and free of competition, free of words and images, free of sales--really can't be disputed.

Really, you didn't want the hassles that come with owning a business anyway. Did you?


How To Advertise in A Down Economy

NeighborWave can help your company advertise effectively in today's market for as little as $100.

Work on Advertising Efficiency.

When sales are tight, smart companies compete by not just surviving, but by working on efficiencies. What's the difference? Suppose you tighten your belt by turning off the power to your computer systems. You do save on electricity, but are you working better than before? Instead of turning your back on the task at hand, you can work towards efficiency--that might mean taking some of that unused employee time and doing some training, some paperwork, some painting! Or maybe you could use the slow time to get better at attracting customers.

Want to know WHY? Click here for "Should You Advertise in a Down Economy?"

Efficiency in Advertising happens when you work on two things:

  1. Messages.
  2. Placements.

A business manager or owner needs to know how effective their advertising dollars are in the real world. If you spent a lot of money on a website, but no one ever visits... that is an inefficient placement. If you spend a lot of money buying print ads or clicks and you don't convert those viewers into customers... that indicates ineffective messages. When you work on your advertise, is it just guesswork to you? There's another way.

Those two elements, messages and placement, must work hand in hand in an advertising plan. Here at NeighborWave, we designed our product list to take care of smaller businesses that need help getting those two things working together. All of the things that you can buy from us are one-time fees and results driven. If you're interested in a website, we have 3 simple steps to make that investment pay for itself long term. The whole package works very well and costs only $1000 no matter the size of your business. Little business or big, we'll get your Advertising Messages and Advertising Placements working together by design.

  1. Create Website. Build a site that you own and control with your own edit button including a professional, polished design. Zero monthly fees. Edit button!
  2. Create Good Advertising Messages. Here's a big hint: Advertising Messages are actual words, not pictures. NeighborWave is not a web design company--NeighborWave is an advertising company.
  3. Tracking, Reporting, Information, Efficiency, Monitoring... We don't care what you want to call this--after you create messages and buy placements, you need to know what happened. What we call it is "The Facts Package." For websites, this means that you get to see what has happened today. And you get to see that... well, how's today for you?

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Really Not Advertise in the Down Economy?

Do you still want to be in business in 5 years? You always have 3 real choices in adverse situations: 1. Change the situation; 2. Change yourself in the situation; 3. Leave the situation. So, again: Do want to be in business in 5 years? NeighborWave is easily affordable and we make advertising that works long term. That means that our clients are not panicking. You can get in front of the real opportunities that you have today and tomorrow and make more money.  [This article was originally written in September 2007.]

NeighborWave can help your company advertise effectively in today's market
for as little as $100.

Do you just want to know how? Click here for "How to Advertise in a Down Economy."

Why Should your business advertise now? Advertising has a real response rate even in a recession. What is useful for you to know is that your competitors are running away from their advertising budgets. While they run, you can Increase Market Share permanently. Is advertising in a down economy a good idea? Better than just good, it's a great idea. The economic bumpy road for 2008 is creating a great opportunity for the present and future of your business. You can advertise and compete for new customers much more cheaply. Here's the how and why:

  • When Sales are Down, your competition's Ad Budgets go Down. They act on their fear and stay out of your way.
  • Fewer Ads means less competition for all of your ads.
  • If You Advertise NOW to Increase Market Share, you'll get new sales-- now and later.
  • When the economy rebounds, your market share is increased.
  • A 5% gain in market share can equal a 25% income gain in two years.

Let's stop to do some simple math here-- you pay the advertising costs to see a 5% increase in sales during the down economy. When the down economy bounces back, you GET a 25% increase in sales. Seems like a bargain to us... and we aren't alone:

"...a business-to-business (b-to-b) media study conducted by Yankelovich Partners and Harris Interactive. The study showed more than 85 percent of business executives believe advertising during a down economy is extremely important." [Source]

Here's the catch, though-- and I just don't have a better word than weird to describe how 85% believe it's important, but as the chart below shows.... no one actually does it! The short advice: don't be the believer who won't act! NeighborWave helps small business with innovative ads that cut through the clutter. We'll talk with you for free and show you a plan that can take care of you for years-- even a tough year like 2008. Many businesses will reduce their advertising budgets in 2008 just on their expectations. What that clearly means for you is that there will be less advertising competition during a down economy. There will be fewer ads competing with yours. Historically, big business in particular pulls back their advertising dollars in every economic downturn. NeighborWave's Small Business Advertisers can gain some ground especially against larger competitors during this time. In charts, you can watch the line of advertising dollars following the economy quite closely. See for yourself:

advertising and the economy

Be Smart. Press your advantage while your competition is staying out of the game. If you're interested in reading more on this topic, here's a white paper from a firm that consults for big business. NeighborWave is a privately held small company in Berkeley, California. We help Small Business develop and deliver advertising messages using simple tools like websites with an edit button.

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