Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


The Advertising Basics

Prospective customers need information about you. Your Advertising Techniques need to carry that information to customers. NeighborWave will help you get the right information to prospects by creating great advertising messages and reducing the cost of production and placement.

Your prospects are increasingly ready to look not only for what you sell, but how you sell it. Customers want to know what experience comes with their buying dollars: are you helpful, are you cheap, what are you? It's a frequent and pointless exercise to attract clients that don't actually want anything from you. And when they walk away... understand this: you just paid money to make someone unhappy with you.

One of the people that invented modern advertising said very plainly that "90% of advertising never sold a damn thing." If you would like your company to be in the other 10%, then you need to work on your messages-- your content. Stop waving your arms and start answering questions. The so called "getting your name out there" plan is just arm waving.

First things first, what are The Simple Advertising Facts about you:
[can YOU answer the questions about you?]

  • Where are you?
  • What do they Get?
  • How do they Buy from you?
  • Will you Be Here tomorrow?
  • Do you have truthful, helpful product knowledge?

How do you make advertising that answers the questions?

Start writing. If you can't write, hire a writer. If your advertising doesn't answer any questions, then it's just waving your arms plus pretty pictures. How is someone going to understand that? Writing isn't necessarily complicated, sometimes the answer is as simple as "Fast Delivery." Let it be 'too simple' and anyone can understand you and what you do.

Where do you put that advertising? Start Cheap!

Internet Advertising is cheap and you learn through the process of watching NeighborWave create your advertising content. We don't sell advice, but we do talk openly with you about the choices and you will learn about advertising you-- not some theoretical company from an advice column. The costs in a web site are almost all up front and that's easy to budget. Internet Advertising can also be teaching you how to track your results. Your small business website can serve you for years and it also gives you some room to make mistakes. The page you create for internet searchers today can be changed tomorrow by you for exactly zero cost. You are the publisher, editor, owner and customer of your own website. Don't worry that you hire people to do the work--You are the Publisher.

Stay Cost Effective.

Once you find messages that work, re-publish the same information in different locations. Cost effective advertising isn't wasteful. When you find themes that work in your internet advertising, use them again... in Print. Same pictures, Same words-- new way for clients to get answers to questions about their own wants and needs.

Small Business Advertising can be done cheaply and effectively using a very simple plan. In fact, it's almost required that you stick to simplicity throughout your advertising techniques. Start with answers- and then look for inexpensive ways to put those answers in front of the people who need what you do. If you decide that it's rocket science, then sooner rather than later you'll be spending big money to pay for big salaries. Why not consider just hiring some effective simple advertising help.

We're here to help you get your advertising simple.


You’ll Know It Works!

Of course it works..
Included in our standard package is something that you might not expect: You get to monitor real world results immediately. From the beginning of your project, we correctly configure and show you how to use your own Google accounts and the Google tools to track the effectiveness of your internet advertising. We like our plans to begin with Internet Advertising because you can see your results quickly and easily and because it's so durable. But even more important to us is that we work towards this goal: YOU are in control of your advertising.

You Create (if and when you like)
All of the web sites we make include an edit button for you, it's as easy as email to keep your own pages fresh and useful. We make sure that you have all of the administration information in your hands as soon as it's created. FTP addresses, accounts, logins, passwords. NeighborWave staff think it's fair that your project begins with control- your control- we give you the tools to change your mind and even fire us on the first day. We're confident that you'll be satisfied with our services so we don't hide any information from you.

You stay in control
You'll see how your website is working now-- and you'll see the difference that Simple Advertising Management makes for your small business. NeighborWave has exactly ZERO strategy for tying your business to ours. We do our work and then put you directly in control. You pay for the work once and then see it working. It's one of our simple strategies to reduce your future advertising costs. No recurring billings, no expensive add ons. Just good results. Now. We're happy if you call us again, but you don't have to keep paying us.

Efficient Follow Up Advertising
The materials from a well-designed Internet Advertising Campaign are useful again as the information that you'll need for Print and Other Advertising. As you tune your messages using your web pages, your small business advertising team is gaining experience with you, your messages and your customers. That's great expertise and can feed your business for years to come.

And we never retain rights to the results of work that you've paid for!


You’ll Know It’s Yours!

Did you know that many advertising services only share the ownership of your materials with you? Even some pretty substantial companies retain some ownership rights-- even to material that you make. That's not true here. YOU own it. To us, this is some very simple ethics.

YOU Own the Results
The result of our work is your property, it is created solely for you. We retain no rights. You own the pages, everything on the pages and it is your hosting, not ours. Many small business marketing service want you to keep paying month after month-- and that's after they didn't help you make the content! How about instead you just pay for the work that gets done this month-- not pay for old work.

Everything that we make is yours. All of the writing and design work that you choose to use is owned wholly by you. Our prices are very low for a quality hand made product and that's a good value. A better value is that we always make sure that you have in your possession the right source materials to publish your advertising again in a different media.

Our Integrity Means Your Control
One of the many ways that we demonstrate our integrity is by always, in every regard, giving you control over our work for you. Part of our simple plan is to always have you in possession of all the names and passwords that we use while working for you. For example, the Google account we create for tracking is your account-- configured by us, but used by you. There is no part of our strategy that keeps your business tied to NeighborWave through any administrative, technical or contractual means. Zero recurring billings.

When you're ready to get some control over the expense
and complication of your small business advertising, contact us.


A Simple Plan

Create Content - Publish - Test - Publish Wider

Simple Advertising. First Things First--our company and our people listen to your needs and we're willing to learn from your experience--not just our own. While we do offer some standard services it's important for you to know that you can hire us to do any piece of your advertising or marketing work that you want. Any. If you don't have a plan, don't worry. NeighborWave makes advertising simple for you at your level. We'll get you started and we'll get you DONE. We fix advertising all the time.

NeighborWave creates Simple Advertising that is attractive and easy to use. Easy to use? You bet. We supply both friendly services and tools that you get to use. We help Locally Advertised Small Business use their own publishing as advertising to attract new customers. We can really help you get control of marketing your local business for very little money. Our plans move quickly, allowing you to get down to the clear and simple basics of your marketing. What should you say and where?

Get Help. Take Action! Here's a fairly typical action plan:
Our work for you will definitely be different and much more specific.

  1. We listen to you and we learn.
  2. We Create Your Advertising Content. Simple. Truthful. Compelling.
  3. We Place Your Content As Internet Advertising, then...
  4. We make sure Google understands your site and is bringing you FREE traffic.
  5. Next we show you how to use The Edit Button on your pages (the edit button is only visible to you, but it's right there on your pages, is free, and requires no software for either mac or PC.)
  6. We Track the Results-- not just hits on a website-- but does your advertising actually make you money?
  7. Then We Use Your Content Again In Print (and soon--on TV). Your "next" advertising becomes cheaper and simpler for you.
  8. We Teach You How To Use Your Content Over and Over.

It really doesn't have to be so hard. Often business owners and managers find advertising frustrating. Much of that frustration is because the different kinds of companies that should provide help either don't or can't. They simply won't be helpful. They sell you advice on their terms and do no work or they do work on their terms and don't tell you what's happening or why. Designers only take care of graphics, Copy Writers only write the words, Agencies get paid only to do consulting or placement or management... and when you add in that you have to hire someone else to actually buy the placements, manage the hosting, consult on domain names and then you start monitoring your ads-- it's overwhelming and expensive. It truly doesn't have to be this hard.

NeighborWave Delivers Great Bottom Line Results without the Hassles.

NeighborWave sells simplicity. The work that we do is work that you probably wouldn't want to do yourself. The activities that we perform are writing copy, graphic design and usability design, internet management and we deliver a surprisingly great free marketing strategy with all of our work. We get the details out of your way so you can run your business. Our strategy and advice are free-- you only pay for our work. Our commitment is that we promise to work smart for you. What NeighborWave knows is that if we want to hear from you again, we have to work with a coherent marketing plan for your project. So we do that-- if you don't have a plan, we'll bring one to the project.

We do the detail work so that you can stay focused on results. All of our work is transparent to you if you want to learn: we'll tell you what we think you should try and why you should try it. And this advice comes while we create for you. But our real product is simplifying, smoothing out the complications and getting you a solid plan as a small business advertiser. You can hire us to perform any of the usual advertising production tasks and we're also very happy to work with your existing advertising and resources and with any vendors that you like. We Listen To You First, then we talk together about how our staff can help. And help we do. Your NEW customers will appreciate the honest simplicity and direct useful information in your NeighborWave created advertising messages.

Stop Browsing. Get Some Marketing Help For Your Small Business.