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Web Designers

A lot small business people think “web designer” when they want to work on their advertising. For a lot of folks this hasn’t worked out well because they want to make it their only marketing effort. But if you’re a web designer you know that already. And we both know that this can be a demanding effort for all concerned. We are huge believers in the value of design–but we also know you, the designer, have heard complaints that your sites don’t seem to sell anything, that they don’t get found, and that most clients would like to edit their stuff. NeighborWave fixes  all that while letting you sell your very valuable design work.

We are not your competition, we expedite your plan to be a design business.
And since we DO NOT design, when we have design needs–we hire you to help us.

Here’s what we offer for Web Designers: Execution of your designs as good advertising (and good technology) for your clients.

  1. We build the site. You get to be the client.
  2. WordPress. Take a look at WordPress' own consultant list: we're there. Finally, your clients can have their own edit button. We even train them.
  3. COPY! Excellent writing work that includes SEO for your client.
  4. We’ll execute your design correctly. You just draw.
  5. Good Prices. For you. For your clients.
  6. Transparency… OR NOT. We’re happy to work for you. You choose whether your clients see our people as NeighborWave, or as ‘an employee’ of your firm using an email account supplied by you.
  7. You can throw back the little ones and still make money. We pay for referrals, even for small clients. When you have a prospective client who’s budget is too low to work with you, send them our way, keep a few bucks and get on with your life. Beats heck out of struggling with a site for 9 days when there’s only a couple hundred in it for you.
  8. Get out of the Computer Business. Yes, this a real partnership on your terms that can end the “tech chase” of learning and re-learning your business.

Just so you know our philosophy about design, it is this: must meet requirements... and requirements vary greatly. What we usually talk with clients about is that Good Design has a kind of authority in the eyes of the audience. Many advertising clients don’t require very much Design Authority, but lots of goods and services demand Design Authority. When it’s required, we advise our clients that design is well worth the money and that the least they should expect to spend is about $1000.

Often clients will choose better design as something they just want for themselves. It’s simply pride and they are willing to pay. Either way, as required or simply as want, we see that as a sales opportunity for you and when we have clients with a need, we look to our design partners. Good design work Never Hurts and it ALWAYS affects communications efforts positively.

We’d love to partner with you and get you back to the work that you wanted to do in the first place: designing something wonderful.

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