Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


For Small Business

We use a lot of software tools- and we're happy to make free recommendations for your specific task- NeighborWave uses specific tools in a comprehensive plan so that they fit together and meet objectives.

What are the tools that YOU need for advertising your business? A lot of people find this page while seeking advertising software tools to use in their marketing. And they're shopping based on price- with free advertising tools a very strong preference. We really don't like to use fear in our own marketing, but look carefully at those "free" services-- sometimes they contain a "gotcha." A common "gotcha" when using free advertising tools is that the tool ties you to something: someone else's website, a recurring billing, software that needs upgrades... the list of traps goes on and on. Again, we're happy to recommend (yes, for free) the REAL free advertising tools.

Here's what we think about choosing Small Business Advertising Tools...

Toolkit #1- Advertising Messages.

Toolkit #2- Production Technique.

Toolkit #3- Publishing Technique.

Toolkit #4- Managing Results.

Let's step back a little and get some perspective on where advertising actually happens. No matter what or where you choose to advertise, the actual act of advertising is the placing of your information onto a publishing platform. Newspapers, direct mail, internet, radio... they all carry your information to consumers.

The single most effective way you can choose your advertising tools is to first understand the tasks. Choose Advertising Tools to produce the right materials- the right information about you. Next, choose Advertising Tools for Small Business that produce information in a cost effective manner. Then, choose Advertising Tools to produce that information for more than one publishing platform. With the right planning, new advertising efforts can build on previous success and leverage previous efforts. It's easier for the second or third platform when you've got a plan that includes more than just buying an ad.

There are lots of products that might be called 'advertising tools for small business,' but the focus of these products is usually one small task-related aspect of your advertising. Occasionally you can find a guide for one type of publishing- but will those methods affect your other advertising? And how will it affect your costs? Can you use the results again in other places?

NeighborWave works with you as a small business advertising agency that builds and grows your own advertising toolkit. The tools that are right for you. Help where you need it- and zero cost where you don't want it. We focus your attention on increasing the efficiency and reducing the costs of your efforts and your dollars. We work through all of the steps above with your specific situation and demonstrate for you solid methods while we cheaply write, create graphics and place your advertising. We don't charge for the advice-- we do the work and the advice is free. Our advertising plans include a future: You, in control of your small business advertising.


Television Advertising Tools

Video Advertising Coming Soon! With our Simple Advertising tools for your website-- the same video on your site can also be your local television advertising. Yep. You heard that right. We're experimenting with simple to produce video advertising that fits on your website-- and then fits again on the TVs in your local television advertising market.

How do you get it on TV? Did you know that Google now lets you place TV ads? The hardest part is actually making the ad, but we have a simple and cost effective way to get your ad made. Get in touch.

The tools, they just keep coming...


WordPress Consulting SEO

WordPress is such an amazing tool for publishing that it helped make this business possible. What we wanted to do was create websites using good organic SEO for a low price so that small business could afford it and use it. We absolutely needed WordPress to happen. SEO requires that you keep pages fresh and that means publishers need to be able to change their own content. And yes, we are definitely saying that small businesses are publishers!

WordPress was built to work with words and that is exactly what the search engines need to determine results. If you want top ranking on the search engines, you need to work with words. We've accumulated a ton of WordPress SEO tips and tricks and we bring them all to every job. NeighborWave's WordPress consulting was built for small business, but the same techniques can work for anyone using the WordPress platform.

Don't have enough words? NeighborWave implements SEO as part of all of our copywriting services. You can't buy writing from us without SEO. Why would you ever pay for writing help and not put it on your website? Once it's there, why would you not want it to work well with the search engines?


Advertising Tools #2- Production Techniques

The methods that you choose for producing the content in your advertising can greatly affect the cost of future efforts. As an example, when you use a photograph on your website it is displayed using a resolution that is appropriate for a computer screen. The same image, when you send it to a printer will look like junk on a printed page. It's the wrong resolution.

We work right from the beginning to help you avoid these future cost traps. When you work with us, the materials that we gather and create can be used again in your next advertising effort. There are actually a lot of other examples, but-- we aren't interested in how other companies will disappoint you. NeighborWave works right the first time. We work the right way and make sure that you have the right materials for future work.

A little bit of planning, saving you money. Simple.


Advertising Tools #3- Publishing Techniques

I'm sure it's no surprise to you that NeighborWave prefers the internet as a first advertising publishing platform. If you've previously had a bad experience with internet advertising, sorry about that and you should really consider moving on. Too bad you couldn't hire us before. Probably the reason you were unhappy is that no one found your site. And that is exactly what we do. We deliver good solid advertising that gets found by internet searchers looking for your products-- looking for you!

For the 800th time, here's why the internet is Great advertising:

  1. It's cheap.
  2. It's perfectly targeted customers.
  3. You can easily change your messages.
  4. It's pretty obvious that it's the future.
  5. It can teach you for free how to manage your advertising dollars.

The typical bad experience has been paying for a website and then no one ever finds it. We work from a different perspective. The FIRST thing that we work on with your website content is getting it found by Google. After you see it working, it might be reasonable to spend some money and dress it up a bit so that customers can understand the value, the quality in your business. To keep things simple, we like keeping to ordinary ideas like first things first. Get found by Google. Simple Advertising.


Advertising Tools #1- Messages

The simple truth of advertising messages is that the simple truth works best. Advertising messages are primarily about the words and are called advertising copy. Good advertising Copy increases the effectiveness of your advertising. If you are ready to spend some money with a big agency, they'll help you hire an advertising copywriter. Yes, this is AFTER you pay for their advice. We work differently. We deliver the advice for free while we create the content.

How does a copywriter work? I don't mean to disappoint, but they do their work by talking to you. If you've worked with advertising people that didn't ask you for your story, then you worked with people who couldn't tell your story. Sadly, they didn't bother to hear it. For a local business, it's good to keep some perspective. If you live in a market with a few thousand potential customers, can you justify big money for advertising copy? Probably not. Your advertising needs to be effective in your own budget.

To give you a comparison, we'll write enough advertising copy to fill a nice website for you for only $400. What we attempt is to get you 90% of the value of extremely good copy, but for 1/10th the price. Because we write longer texts and not just headlines, we have a sneaky suspicion that our copy is actually better than the expensive stuff. We hear all the time that people pick out phrases from our writing to use as headlines or bulleted copy when they are producing fliers and print ads. This copy is usable again for other media and because we will be working on managing results, you get to see how it is really working-- or not working. NeighborWave is not an outsourced service-- most businesses that work with us get to work with a local writer. The way that we work with you is to submit a few varied sentences to you to see what kind of style and tone seems right to you. When you pick the tone and style, we work on your writing three times to make sure that we get it working well for you. Write once. Edit Twice. Simple.


Advertising Tools #4- Managing Results

If you read about the Toolkit #3, you know that we like internet advertising. It can deliver a lot of value for you cheaply. There are lots of benefits that you will see, but the best thing is this: It teaches you to manage your advertising. It doesn't matter if you write your own copy or have someone else do it-- you need to know that it works.

NeighborWave helps you learn to work directly with Google and the other search engines. In this regard, we simply act as a teaching consultant while we produce your advertising. You can see directly how differing messages attract and don't attract. You can learn about new opportunities in your market that you hadn't considered. Optionally, you get to cheaply and directly experiment with buying individual leads.

This part is a really gratifying milestone in your advertising project and comes towards the end of creating your advertising. The advertising process can be a little mystifying, but this step peels back all the layers and lets you see the results from your dollars. We love this part. And... it's simple.