Simple Advertising You people are idiots.

Advertising Ideas

Seriously? Did you really think that you could follow the search engine herd to a popular page and then use a canned idea that hundreds or maybe thousands might be using? That's a recipe for looking like everyone else and that strategy is guaranteed to be ignored. If we put a really great Advertising Idea here then lots and lots of people would see it and use it. Do you really think it will help you if you advertise just like everyone else? Your competitive advantage disappears when you follow the herd.

If you work with NeighborWave, we'll do something different.

Some of these Advertising Ideas might challenge your own commitment to be in your business... but they are true.

  1. Business Competition EQUALS Advertising.
  2. Budget both Time and Money.
  3. Advertising is: Messages and Placements. Budget to work on both.
  4. Purchasing Design services without Message and Placement budgets could be a black hole for your money. This is the classic recipe for an unused website. Looks great--never seen.
  5. Do your Advertising Work in a way that teaches YOU to get better.
  6. Advertising is not a candy bar next to the supermarket checkout. Also, one size does not fit all.
  7. Magical "packages" that promise to teach you magical stuff will do just that. Try to remember that you live in the real world and magicians only have tricks--there is no magic.
  8. This is your work life. Sometimes you hire help to get work done.

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NeighborWave uses 137 Great Advertising Ideas
(and 3 stupid ones... but they just might work!)

The People of NeighborWave will make your advertising work you.

Please. Don't wander aimlessly. Just ask... just get in touch. We have Killer Advertising Ideas for ANY business. Sorry but it's not possible for us to answer your specific question here on this page. If you get in touch, you will get a real answer and no sales hassle. NeighborWave supplies an affordable Advertising Product that is very comprehensive. Ideas? Lots of them...