Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


The Advertising Basics

Prospective customers need information about you. Your Advertising Techniques need to carry that information to customers. NeighborWave will help you get the right information to prospects by creating great advertising messages and reducing the cost of production and placement.

Your prospects are increasingly ready to look not only for what you sell, but how you sell it. Customers want to know what experience comes with their buying dollars: are you helpful, are you cheap, what are you? It's a frequent and pointless exercise to attract clients that don't actually want anything from you. And when they walk away... understand this: you just paid money to make someone unhappy with you.

One of the people that invented modern advertising said very plainly that "90% of advertising never sold a damn thing." If you would like your company to be in the other 10%, then you need to work on your messages-- your content. Stop waving your arms and start answering questions. The so called "getting your name out there" plan is just arm waving.

First things first, what are The Simple Advertising Facts about you:
[can YOU answer the questions about you?]

  • Where are you?
  • What do they Get?
  • How do they Buy from you?
  • Will you Be Here tomorrow?
  • Do you have truthful, helpful product knowledge?

How do you make advertising that answers the questions?

Start writing. If you can't write, hire a writer. If your advertising doesn't answer any questions, then it's just waving your arms plus pretty pictures. How is someone going to understand that? Writing isn't necessarily complicated, sometimes the answer is as simple as "Fast Delivery." Let it be 'too simple' and anyone can understand you and what you do.

Where do you put that advertising? Start Cheap!

Internet Advertising is cheap and you learn through the process of watching NeighborWave create your advertising content. We don't sell advice, but we do talk openly with you about the choices and you will learn about advertising you-- not some theoretical company from an advice column. The costs in a web site are almost all up front and that's easy to budget. Internet Advertising can also be teaching you how to track your results. Your small business website can serve you for years and it also gives you some room to make mistakes. The page you create for internet searchers today can be changed tomorrow by you for exactly zero cost. You are the publisher, editor, owner and customer of your own website. Don't worry that you hire people to do the work--You are the Publisher.

Stay Cost Effective.

Once you find messages that work, re-publish the same information in different locations. Cost effective advertising isn't wasteful. When you find themes that work in your internet advertising, use them again... in Print. Same pictures, Same words-- new way for clients to get answers to questions about their own wants and needs.

Small Business Advertising can be done cheaply and effectively using a very simple plan. In fact, it's almost required that you stick to simplicity throughout your advertising techniques. Start with answers- and then look for inexpensive ways to put those answers in front of the people who need what you do. If you decide that it's rocket science, then sooner rather than later you'll be spending big money to pay for big salaries. Why not consider just hiring some effective simple advertising help.

We're here to help you get your advertising simple.