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Ad Management 101

We get a little frustrated with the phrase: "getting your name out there." You can count on there being exactly ZERO new customers who are looking for your name. Poorly managed advertising is usually just the practice of spending money to remind people that don't need you-- that they still don't need you. In the real world there are a lot of possible customers looking for products. Can they find you when they need you? Let's step back a little. The simplest business formula will always be to find a need and fill it. Shouldn't your advertising speak to specific needs? If your ads don't, then what can you know about your Advertising Management?

Yes, it's Management. It's Advertising Management. Your job: it's not about buying advertising- the job is to buy and manage advertising results. You manage a lot of functions in your business and advertising is like any other- it's work done to create a specific result. You certainly choose the results you want with sales, accounting and production. In advertising your business the first goal is new customers. Advertising Management is about you making the choices about how to get a perfectly matched message in front of perfectly matched customers.

Here's a radical prescription for a dead-on effective advertising campaign. Stop. Stop Shouting and Start Answering Questions. Place your ads where they can be found. Stop filling mailboxes and start finding places to speak directly to prospects. Finally, ask for results- you need management information about how it's working. If you don't get information, how can you choose? You don't need talk from a salesperson telling you everything is great and you should keep paying. Management is about choosing- so what are the real choices about advertising?

Instead of buying from a salesperson, here are the choices that you could be making:

  • Perfecting Your Content and Messages
  • Finding Perfect Publishing
  • Feedback and Tracking to Help You Get Perfect

Here's the basic Advertising Management Cycle:

Advertising Management Cycle

Perfect Message >> Perfect Placement >> Feedback and Tracking

Small Business Advertising Management definitely has its challenges, but it's not rocket science. You really can reduce your advertising costs while you increase your advertising effectiveness. Start with the basic questions: What do you say? Where do you say it? Who understood you? The people that sell you space for your advertising are typically terrible at helping you get the real answers to your questions. If your advertising help can't or won't give you the details, then you are just buying blindly.

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