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Advertising Tools #4- Managing Results

If you read about the Toolkit #3, you know that we like internet advertising. It can deliver a lot of value for you cheaply. There are lots of benefits that you will see, but the best thing is this: It teaches you to manage your advertising. It doesn't matter if you write your own copy or have someone else do it-- you need to know that it works.

NeighborWave helps you learn to work directly with Google and the other search engines. In this regard, we simply act as a teaching consultant while we produce your advertising. You can see directly how differing messages attract and don't attract. You can learn about new opportunities in your market that you hadn't considered. Optionally, you get to cheaply and directly experiment with buying individual leads.

This part is a really gratifying milestone in your advertising project and comes towards the end of creating your advertising. The advertising process can be a little mystifying, but this step peels back all the layers and lets you see the results from your dollars. We love this part. And... it's simple.