Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


Advertising Tools #1- Messages

The simple truth of advertising messages is that the simple truth works best. Advertising messages are primarily about the words and are called advertising copy. Good advertising Copy increases the effectiveness of your advertising. If you are ready to spend some money with a big agency, they'll help you hire an advertising copywriter. Yes, this is AFTER you pay for their advice. We work differently. We deliver the advice for free while we create the content.

How does a copywriter work? I don't mean to disappoint, but they do their work by talking to you. If you've worked with advertising people that didn't ask you for your story, then you worked with people who couldn't tell your story. Sadly, they didn't bother to hear it. For a local business, it's good to keep some perspective. If you live in a market with a few thousand potential customers, can you justify big money for advertising copy? Probably not. Your advertising needs to be effective in your own budget.

To give you a comparison, we'll write enough advertising copy to fill a nice website for you for only $400. What we attempt is to get you 90% of the value of extremely good copy, but for 1/10th the price. Because we write longer texts and not just headlines, we have a sneaky suspicion that our copy is actually better than the expensive stuff. We hear all the time that people pick out phrases from our writing to use as headlines or bulleted copy when they are producing fliers and print ads. This copy is usable again for other media and because we will be working on managing results, you get to see how it is really working-- or not working. NeighborWave is not an outsourced service-- most businesses that work with us get to work with a local writer. The way that we work with you is to submit a few varied sentences to you to see what kind of style and tone seems right to you. When you pick the tone and style, we work on your writing three times to make sure that we get it working well for you. Write once. Edit Twice. Simple.