Simple Advertising You people are idiots.


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Yes. Advertising works in ANY Economy.

NeighborWave is an Advertising Service Company

What that means is that we create content for your advertising and help you make informed decisions about where to use your advertising. Effective Messages and Efficient Placements for a very good price. Simple Advertising is nothing more than "what you say" and "where you say it." The simplest example of our advertising work is websites that actually attract new customers. We designed our business so that we can be helpful to many businesses in many markets. You won't have to spend a lot of money and you will see right away that our work is very effective. You need to see real results from your advertising dollars. Yes, we do that--get you results.

We'll help you find Real Opportunity. Today. Next Week. Next Year.
We do that every day. For very little money!

What is Advertising? And how do you do it well? What's the best? The simple answer is to do something that can be noticed in a place where it will be noticed. Advertising is, simply: a message AND a placement. If you have questions, click on one of the contact links and we will answer your question in writing for free. Are we going to pitch you our services? You bet. You'll get a little pitch (only in email) because we know that you can make your advertising really go to work for you with a little help from NeighborWave. You can get new customers and real sales results in your hands very quickly.

The Advertising Industry has not served Small Business very well at all. At one time, only 2% of purchasers of website products were happy with the results. That 98% failure rate equals industry failure. Yet that industry failure is why many business owners believe that advertising doesn't work. Some of the companies that have sold you 'advertising' in the past don't actually know how to help a small business for a reasonable price. Usually the problem is that those companies have products that are out of date. But it's all they have and they keep selling it to you... and hoping... and often failing you. Most advertising people were trained to use systems and techniques that all consumers dislike. As people, we do our best to avoid advertising. So where should you look for Advertising Help? Stop looking.

NeighborWave doesn't follow the herd.
The herd has been going over a financial cliff by taking your capital
...and converting it into nothing.

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Learn More about Simple Advertising that is: easy-not-hard, priced right, and works great. Small Business Advertising. Your Small Business, winning with customers using some real smarty pants advertising ideas that are easy to do when you have a partner.

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We'll help you start winning in your marketplace.